The Spider-Man Origin Story →

Chris McKenna, one of the writers of Spider-Man: No Way Home, explains:

If you look backward and go, "This was an origin story that took place over three stories to get this Peter Parker to this place where he's stripped-down, anonymous, has no billionaire benefactor, has been through the sacrifice of what it really means to have this power and what that responsibility that goes along with that is, and is now having to look for how to pay rent." I think that would be really satisfying, I think that'd be really cool.

This is exactly how I look at it. A fucking masterpiece.

The Perfect Episode in the Time of Quarantine →

I love everything about this episode. The fact that the team could get paid in an economically difficult time. The emotional relevance of the isolation & hardship of social distancing. The fact that this was pulled together — from concept to final production — in under three weeks, all shot on iPhones.

And then the ending just leaves you with a big fat smile on your face, to remind you than in tough times like this, we can get through it together with creativity.