Like Brother, Like Sister

7:25:24 PM vickiilee: i like cereal

7:25:24 PM vickiilee: but like

7:25:27 PM vickiilee: its not a meal to me!

7:25:30 PM melmyfinger: right??

7:25:34 PM vickiilee: how does one just eat cereal for breakfast?!

7:25:37 PM melmyfinger: hahaha

7:25:42 PM vickiilee: when i eat cereal

7:25:42 PM melmyfinger: you hvae to eat 3/4th of the box

7:25:45 PM melmyfinger: for it to be a meal

7:25:45 PM vickiilee: i eat like

7:25:47 PM vickiilee: at least 2 bowls

7:25:50 PM melmyfinger: eat it from a salad bowl

7:25:51 PM vickiilee: and like pho bowls

7:25:55 PM melmyfinger: and with a large serving spoon

7:25:56 PM vickiilee: with the big asian spoon

7:25:57 PM vickiilee: LOOOL

7:25:59 PM melmyfinger: for serving large ravioli

7:26:00 PM vickiilee: YES

7:26:02 PM melmyfinger: HAHAHA