Mel's Health Tips

Be an Emotional Eater

Eat when you're happy and you want to celebrate. Eat when you're sad and you want something good out of your day. Be an emotional eater, and soon you'll be a heavyweight champion!!


Because you'll be eating so fast, you rarely will have enough time to appreciate the taste of your food. This is where condiments come in. Add lots of it. Tons of it. You'll find your food to have more flavor, not to mention it will add those extra calories to every meal.

Eat Before Going to Bed

I highly recommend eating a lot before going to bed. Or even better, eat to the point that you get sleepy. This way your body will be able to absorb all calories with maximum efficiency.

Every Meal is a Race

It typically takes 8 minutes for food to get from your mouth to your stomach. With this in mind, eat as much as you can, as fast as can, before the 8 minutes is up.

Get Your Money's Worth

If you're gonna eat at an all-you-can-eat buffet, make sure you get your money's worth. Go all out. Clean house. Show the restaurant that you mean business.

Go Big At Least Once

I even recommend skipping breakfast and lunch, and just absolutely clean house for dinner. This will slow down your metabolism, not to mention kill three meals in one sitting.

If It Tastes Good...

Eat it!! Even if your brain is telling you you're full...if it tastes that good then keep eating it!! And remember, there is always room for dessert.


When eating with other people, show them who's the champ. Show them that you are serious. Chances are, they will be so intimidated by you that they may end up giving you the rest of their food.

Special Occassions

Celebrating a holiday is a great reason to eat a lot. On special occassions, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, hell even the first day of the week, go big and clean house. Also, when friends are in town, you have to eat a lot!!

The Slim Fast Diet

Try Slim-Fast...with ice cream.

All or Nothing

When you're eating a big meal, its all or nothing. Whatever is on your plate you must destroy. Eat like there is no tomorrow. Eat like there is no such thing as leftovers.

Twice as Healthy

Twice as Healthy

what's healthier than having a footlong sandwich from subway?

two footlong subway sandwiches!!

No Talking at the Table

the dinner table is meant for dining, not talking. so the next time your at a restaurant with a friend or significant other, ignore their asses and clean house.

Skip Breakfast

that first meal of the day serves two purposes: it jump starts your metabolism and maintains your blood-sugar level. so what happens when you skip breakfast? your metabolism remains slow for most of the day. skipping breakfast also causes your blood-sugar level to take a nose dive, so when lunch rolls around you'll be craving much more than you normally would.

What is your Mt. Everest?

need some inspiration? check this kid out...the force is very strong in this one...