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Tori on changing her sound while staying true to herself:

Elle: When you first played "Nobody Love" for your friends, their initial reaction to the big-sounding pop track was, "Oh, this is really different for you." Do you feel like you had to change your musical style in any way to create what you think people want to hear?

Tori: Rather than changing it feels more like a growth. The style of music I was doing was a little older sounding, a little more singer-songwriter, which I still love. But I grew up listening to so many different things that I think it's just a new chapter. Like any artist you kind of evolve and grow into different versions of yourself. But at the end of the day it's still me. And I don't think I'm departing from that more acoustic side, either. There are definitely still those moments on the album. That was really important for me to keep.

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Film Industry Network:

Independent film director Amir Reichart has created one of this year’s best short films, taking audiences on an epic voyage through earth’s barren wasteland after a global nuclear war.

‘Phoenix 9′ features stunning special effects, apocalyptic landscapes, and follows a group of survivors struggling to make it to a post-war colony. During their 1000 mile struggle they stagger on a secret installation that offers them a new hope for survival.

The work is meticulous and the visuals are on-par with a Roland Emmerich disaster movie. This kind of Hollywood panache is rarely seen in a low budget environment but the painstaking work of the whole team, and the approach from the film’s director makes this a must-watch.

omg, it's Post-Apocalyptic Lavendaire! hahahah love this

Us The Duo No Matter Where You Are Book of Life

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Yahoo! Music:

Husband-and-wife musical team Us The Duo has a unique history in that they hold the distinction of being the first artists signed to a major label from Vine. The pair's series of 6-second musical covers and arrangements won them millions of fans, as well as a deal with Republic Records.

Now, here's yet another unique item for their resumes: Their single “No Matter Where You Are” is now being featured in the animated film The Book of Life, which opens in theaters October 17. The song is special to the pair as it was originally written as vows to their own wedding!