Persis & Crystal: Surprise Proposal Turned Into Same-Day Wedding →

The Knot:

Though Crystal knew Persis would be the one to ask the question, she couldn’t have imagined just how grand that proposal would be. The groundwork for the actual moment was “a grand adventure that spanned years and continents.” Persis drew inspiration from a song she loves: “Girl in L.A.,” by a pop-folk act called Us the Duo. The song narrates a long-distance love story, much like Persis and Crystal’s. The lyrics mention various locations around the globe: “I’ll yell it out from Nashville, a little closer to your ear...I’ll scale the China Wall to have you closer here to me...I’m in love with a girl in L.A.” As part of her plan, Persis planned trips with Crystal to all the spots mentioned in the song. At each location, she captured footage to be compiled into a proposal video.

“Persis and I are a couple of travel bugs, so when she suggested hitting these spots, I was all in but had no idea why [we were going],” recalls Crystal. “Sure, China in the middle of winter seemed a bit out of left field, but hey, who am I to turn down an adventure? Little did I know, each destination was part of her grand plan. The big reveal happened at The Hummingbird Temple in Los Angeles. As soon as I saw Us the Duo set up with their instruments, I knew something was up.” The musicians began to sing “Girl in L.A.” while Persis’ proposal video lit up on a big screen. After the song, a few friends Persis had recruited led Crystal to the backyard. There, Persis was standing in front of towering letters spelling out “Marry Me Today.” Talk about a moment for the memory books.

So happy to have played a small role in Persis' grand master plan and watched this unfold in person!

Last Moments with Copper →

Dear Copper,

You probably don't remember me. We only met one or twice when you were still just a pup. I just wanted to tell you a quick story:

A couple years ago, I was on the verge of getting my first dog ever. I was heading down to San Diego to meet up with your dad and a bunch of friends for a Padres game. Before I drove down, I made a little pit stop to meet my soon-to-be pup.

To be honest, when I met Kogi, it still hadn't hit me that I just met my new life companion. Of course it was a very special day for me; it just hadn't registered with me yet.

When I made it to the Padres game, I saw your dad. And dude, let me tell you…I will never forget the look on your dad's face when he congratulated me for getting Kogi. Your dad's face lit up as if he just found out he was having a baby. It was that very moment I realized that unconditional love for me was right around the corner, just a few weeks away.

I've known a lot of dog owners in my life, but I've never met one as big a dog lover as your dad. Just by the way he was so genuinely happy for me; the way he always posted pictures of you and talked about you; the way he always included you in his work and all of his relationships…Copper, I never really got to know you, but the unconditional love between you and your dad became everything I aspire for with me and Kogi.

Rest in peace, you furry little angel.