another survey

  1. Name: Melvinus Tabaneras Tajonus

  2. Age: 21

  3. Birthdate: March 20, 1982

  4. Hometown: Udhailiyah Forever

  5. Sign: Pisces

  6. Occupation: e-business major @ cal poly, webmaster of

  7. Pet Peeve: when i ask for lots of ketchup and they give me like 5 pathetic little packets.

  8. Fave foods: dad's sweet n' sour chicken, shwarmas from that sweaty turkish guy, boat with everyone and anyone...especially my boaty call. hehe

  9. Fave colors: blue

  10. Fave movie: american pie 1, 2 & 3...road trip...old school...50 first dates was the best one so far this year

  11. Fave day(s): dollar chicken mcnuggets monday, papa john special tuesdays, OC wednesdays, Friends thursdays, jalepeno cheese bagel fridays, sushi saturdays, boat sundays

  12. Fave Animals: yo mama

  13. Fave Holidays: definitely christmas...but i'm usually fat & jolly all year long.

lalala smilie
  1. Fave T.V. Shows: Friends, OC

  2. Fave Actor: Stiffler, Peter North

    yababy smilie

  3. Fave Actress: Kate Beckinsale

    yumyum smilie

  4. Sweetest Gal: melissa

  5. Fave bands/singers: babyface, 'nsync

    hide smilie
    , poison (80's baby)

  6. Best Friend: some gay guy named alan that'd let me eat over everyday

  7. Fave Hangout: dunno why but some of the best moments happen around the dinner table...doesn't really matter where...just as long as there's food

  8. Fave sport(s): bball, volleyball, i miss playing football and doing high jump...soap soccer and shower wrestling is fun too.

    gayhehe smilie

  9. Fave Thing to do: eating with friends

  10. My most embarassing moment was: the parking lot incident...lets just leave it at that...

  11. The wackiest thing I did as a kid, was: i used to sing to my food...oh wait, i still do that.

  12. Have you ever had your heart broken?: yeah...

  13. What are you wearing right now?: freeballin' in my new hawaiian board shorts

  14. What is the meanest thing anyone has ever said to you?: "you're not funny."

    madfawk smilie

  15. Are you in a relationship right now? nope.

  16. Pepsi or Coke? water.

  17. Beach or Snow? beach, man!!

  18. Rainy or Sunny? sunny with a little bit of clouds and a nice breeze

  19. Square or Circle?

    uhh smilie
    well, i'm a round kinda guy so i guess i'll say circle.

  20. Dark or Bright? bright

  21. Left or Right? right. huh huh huh.

  22. have a best friend: the guy at the boat that hooks me up all the time...i answered this one already

  23. have a girl/boyfriend? nope.

  24. speak another language: english, five years of spanish and the only i got from is was "tengo dos huevos" and "el bano, por favor."

  25. drive:

    uhh smilie

  26. have a car: her name is sandy.


  1. Who was the last person you talked to online? jules

  2. Who have you known the longest? alan & james, all my life.

  3. Who do you talk to online the most? probably april and alan

  4. Who do you talk to on the phone most? not really a phone person but i guess it'd be phoebe

  5. Who do you trust the most? i typically don't hold in secrets but i think i've told jules & cathy the most personal stuff

  6. Who listens to your problems? hahaha, april...and then whichever girl from saudi is online.

  7. Who do you fight with the most? the guy from del taco that's all stingy with the del scorcho sauce

  8. Who is the shyest? dunno...usually we're all pretty open about things...sometimes a little too open

  9. Who is the nicest? that guy at the boat cuz he always hooks me up

  10. Who is the sweetest? that guy at the boat cuz he always hooks me up.

    bakla smilie

  11. Who is the most outgoing? probably alan

  12. Who is the smartest? nico

54a) Who is the hottest? hmmm tough one...alan or nico...oh, did you mean girls?

54b) Who is the cutest? april...when she busts out those dimples, i'm just putty in her hands

54c) Who is the fattest?

cry smilie

54d) Who is the skinniest? phoebe

  1. Who is the ditziest? phoebe

  2. Who is the best singer? uhh darwin?

When was the last time you...

  1. ..took a shower? last night before i went to bed

  2. ..had a serious conversation? earlier last week with cathy

  3. ..went to the mall? thursday...dropped another $150 again...

  4. ..went to the movies? eurotrip and 50 first dates with the scottish roommate laddie.

  5. ..smoked weed? berkeley...

  6. drunk? beer pong @ santa barbara, baby!!! johnny tsunami was there, haha

  7. What are you doing? filling out this survey

  8. Are you lonely or content? content...but dying for spring break

  9. Are you listening to music? yeah, on my kickass new ipod mini!!


  1. Are you talking to anyone online? not at the moment

  2. Who is your worst enemy? isabelle cuz she makes me eat like a normal person and walk around do do healthy stuff!!

  3. Who do you cry to most often? now that i think about it, i don't really cry to anyone...i write lyrics and stuff when i'm sad like that

  4. What is your favorite perfume scent? for girls, vanilla fields. for me, polo sport.

  5. Favorite school subject? e-business

  6. Least favorite school subject? any of those boring ass GEs that have nothing to do with my major.

  7. Who will understand you the most? for perverted stuff, all of my homies. for random stuff, april.

  8. Who was the last person that broke your heart? blah

  9. Who is the love of your life? rachel stevens


  1. disappoint you? pavel, when he forgot the sourdough on my damn famous star.

  2. ask you out? phoebe, begging me to go to the PORN STORE with her.

  3. make you cry? pavel, when he forgot the sourdough on my damn famous star.

  4. ..brighten up your day? cathy, when she told me that melissa and amy are coming to the reunion.

  5. ..that you thought about?

    gayhehe smilie

  6. went to the movies with? ross

  7. talked to on the phone? rose

  8. talked to on AIM? jules

  9. saw? melissa le

  10. ..ever slept outdoors? not in a while...but yeah, on my senior retreat and stuff

  11. ..cussed someone out? usually when i'm driving in LA i get road rage

  12. ..thought about suicide? yeah...

  13. ..stayed up for 24 hours? my record is 34 hours

  14. ..swam in the rain or snow? i remember the days of running around in the rain in my transformers briefs, screaming like a little girl...ah yes, i miss being 19...

  15. ..gotten drunk? hell yeah!!!

  16. ..gone a day w/out eating? hell no!!!

  17. ..talked on the phone all night? 4 hours is my record

  18. ..smoked? couple weeks ago when i had some depressing stuff to deal colin's death and some other stuff...

  19. ..made prank calls? not really...i've done prank stuff on aim though, like pretending that i was a girl trying to have cybersex with one of my buddies.

  20. ..been in love? not yet

  21. ..slept all day? hahaha yeah, that one time when cathy and i slept in, ate, took a nap, ate, and then passed out again. hahahahaha

  22. ..killed someone? uhhh no

  23. ..been out of the country? saudi, kenya, amsterdamn, london...

  24. ..told a girl/guy you loved them? yes

  25. ..if yes, did you mean it? yes

  26. ..gone skinny dipping? yeah, at santa barbara i took off my board shorts while in the water and waved it over my head....some old women were not as enthusiastic about it though...

  27. ..kissed someone you didn't know? nope...but this one time i kissed sierra's mom...on accident

  28. ..thought you were going crazy? yes

  29. ..threatened someone? "fine then, i won't put out!!!"

Personal Survey

got bored and i found this on someone else's site...

Have you ever...

  • Fallen for your best friend? nope. but there are girls that became bestfriends after i fell for them
  • Been rejected? i guess you could say i've had my fair share...
  • Been in love? i'm workin' on it
  • Been in lust? its the story of my life, man
  • Used someone? i prefer to call it "bumming off of someone"
  • Been used? yup
  • Cheated on someone? nope
  • Done something you regret? that whole icy hot experience wasn't exactly a pleasant one...

Who was the last person...

  • You touched? jp, in a manly highfive kinda way
  • You talked to? chris
  • You hugged? rose
  • You instant messaged? darwin
  • You kissed? phoebe
  • You yelled at? rose
  • You laughed with? jp & chin

Have you/are you/do you...

  • Considered a life of crime? nope

  • Considered being a hooker? your mother

  • Considered being a pimp? i AM a pimp. hahahahahahahahahaha.

  • Are you psycho? only when food is involved

  • Schizophrenic? uhhh

  • Obsessive? fooooooooooood

  • Obsessive compulsive? foooooooooooood

  • Anxiety? yeah, especially when i'm crushin' on a girl

  • Depressed? "it was MY california roll, damnit!!!"

  • Suicidal? i get pretty damn depressed...but i'll never take away God's gift of life to me. never.

  • Obsessed with hate? nope

  • Understanding? i try to be...sometimes i just smile and nod.

  • Open-minded? i try to be...but some things like 3/4 cut men's caprices i just can't handle.

  • Arrogant? nope

  • Insecure? sometimes

  • Interesting? nope. i'm a very dull person. haha

  • Hungry? heh always

  • Friendly? only to people i like

  • Smart? allow myself to explain...myself...uhhh

  • Moody? sometimes

  • Childish?

    moon smilie
    and sometimes perverted too

  • Independent? i like to think i am...but i'm always depending on someone else

  • Hard working? sometimes. i usually have to be in the "work mode" with Mr. Oizo's Flat Beat playing in the background.

  • Organized? yeah

  • Healthy? very. i like to eat a lot of 2 sandwiches for lunch..with cheese and extra dressing...

  • Emotionally Stable? not when it comes to love

  • Shy? not so much as i used to its only when i feel out of place

  • Difficult? to my parents

  • Attractive? uhh attractive like buddha and charles barkley

    laugh smilie

  • Bored Easily? i try to make the most of whatever situation i'm in

  • Responsible? yeah


  • Current Clothes: basketball practice jerseys, laker shirts & board shorts. hey man, its hot in herre
  • Current Mood: lonely
  • Current Taste: yakitori chicken & california rolls like 5 times a week. i can just walk in and say "the usual" haha
    biggrin smilie
  • Current Hair: i'm bald, damnit!! rub it in why don'tcha?
  • Current Annoyance: burned tongue
  • Current Smell: board shorts smell like the beach
  • Current thing you ought to be doing: designing dad's lame ass website
  • Current Desktop Picture: rachel stevens & a sweet panoramic pic of home
  • Current Favorite Group: uhh my friends. this past summer i've been introducing different groups of friends and its been a whole load of fun.
  • Current Book: books? what is books?
  • Current DVD In Player: virtual tera brother put it there, i swear!
  • Current Refreshment: water
  • Current Worry: my love life (or lack thereof)
  • Current Crush: this one girl...she's on my friendster..
  • Current Favorite Celebrity: stiffler


  • Food: hanayome sun's yakitori chicken & calfornia rolls
  • Drink: orange bang, long island iced tea
  • Colour: blue
  • Shoes: the kobe's from the first championship
  • Candy: fanfare from saudi (thanks alan)
  • Movie: recently, bruce almighty and american wedding
  • Dance:
    boink smilie
  • Vegetable: bleh
  • Fruit: samir

On Dating...

  • Long or short hair? shoulder length is juuuust right
  • Dark or light hair? don't matter
  • Tall or short? shorter
  • Mr. Sensitive or Mr. Funny? :greddy:
  • Good or bad? a girl that's cute & sweet...and naughty
  • Dark or light eyes? don't matter
  • Hat or no hat? cowgirl hats...sooooooo hot
  • Pierced or no? ears only
  • Freckles or none? none
  • Stubble or neatly shaved? hehehehe
  • Rugged outdoorsy type or sporty type? :greddy:

On preferences...

  • Chocolate milk or hot chocolate? chocolate milk...even though i'm lactose intolerant...
  • McDonalds or Burger King? niether...both a really really fuckin' fattening its not even funny
  • Marry the perfect lover or the perfect friend? someone that's both
  • Sweet or sour? shweeeeeeet
  • Root Beer or Dr. Pepper? water is good for you
  • Sappy/action/comedy/horror? comedy, like that low-budget porn shit on hbo...funny stuff
  • Cool Ranch or Nacho Cheese? ketchup
  • Mud or Jell-O wrestling? ketchup
  • With or without ice-cubes? no ice...if the drink is already cold it just wastes space!
  • Shine or rain? shine
  • Winter/Summer/Fall/Spring? winter
  • Vanilla or Chocolate? strawberry
  • Eyes open or closed? closed
  • Fly or breathe under water? FLY
  • Bunk-bed or waterbed? my OWN bed.
  • Chewing gum or hard candy? winterfresh gum
  • Motor boat or sailboat? sailboat
  • Lights on or off? off
  • Chicken or fish? chicken

What's your favourite:

  • Number? 4
  • Holiday? christmas
  • Flower?
    dunno smilie
  • Scent? fooooooooooood
  • If you could be anywhere, where would you be? the "tower" back home...its my favorite spot in the whole world
  • Can you do anything freakish with your body?
    naughty smilie
  • Do you have a favorite animal? i want a beagle