Q) Tell us five people that mean a lot to you

Here are my "less obvious but still really important to me" guys:

Stan -- My closest friend from high school. We've come a long way since our awkwardly silent two-hour bus ride together for the sophomore retreat, hahah. You're one of the handful of guys that I can legit tell EVERYTHING to. Even though we're both struggling to figure out how to make it in "the real world," I know you got my back...and you know I got yours.

Chris P. -- We both want to make our marks on this world, and you constantly remind me to not settle for anything til we've done it. When I'm running low on inspiration, you always manage to inspire me.

Darwin G. -- My fuckin' awesome college roommate. We had everything in common, man. So many good times. We've completely lost touch since then but you taught me valuable skills that led me to where I am today. You helped me make something of myself and I'll be forever grateful.

Mr. Guillot -- My middle school english teacher...but you taught me SO MUCH MORE than just that -- You taught me to find my own voice; to shine my own inner light. You taught me you how to express my true self in writing. You taught me how to be ME.

Dr. McGeough -- We talked for no longer than 5 minutes but you changed my life forever. You gave me a chance when nobody else would...when even my own college advisors gave up on me. I had flunked out of school...but you got me back in, and I got nothing but A's and B's til I finally graduated.

Of course I have nothin' but love for Mom, Dad, my brothers, UDH, Webb, CPP, BTVfam, TGB and music fam. <3

A Letter to Myself from Mel '08

This is a little tradition I started four years ago. The idea is to email myself using http://www.futureme.org, and have that email sent to me in exactly two years.

Sure, I could easily just write in my journal or blog...but writing an email to myself seems a little more intimate and lets me paint a more descriptive snapshot of what's going on in my life at that very moment.

Here is the last thing I wrote to myself, a little over two years ago (with a few things censored out). Mind you, this is just a few short weeks before I found myself in the newest chapter of my life -- btvfam.

Friday, August 1, 2008:

Hey Future Mel, how's life treatin' ya??

Life is pretty good for me right now. Work is cool...a little stressful cuz of the growing pains, but it's a fun learning experience. [The company] is now 28ish employees with the newest hire being Erin. [...] I still feel like I haven't quite made my mark. I'll be patient though...I believe in [our new CEO].

I spent a big chunk of the morning talking to my co-workers about VIKING QUEST (http://www.cat69.com). Ryan is all, "dude, you wouldn't even have to pack. Just bring a toothbrush and be naked for one whole week." Hahahahahahh.

So Mel, are you still running? I weigh 238ish nowadays, which is 10lbs less since I started little Nike+ SportBand thing. [...] I'm running half as much as I did before the Oregon Reunion, but my progress has been awesome. [...]

So this weekend was a really awesome one. I drove down to SD to kick it with Meliss...and it was such a blast. [...] I think my favorite part of the weekend was chillin' at La Jolla Cove with Meliss, overlooking the ocean. It was so chill and so peaceful. It's one of those moments where you can put life on pause and just appreciate the stillness. It felt like home.

So what's the deal with you and [that one business idea]? Right now the lawyers are doing the paperwork for forming the company. I feel like anything can happen. It might be huge; might be a flop; it might be modest like [my old site that had 12,000+ members]. But regardless, it should be a fun learning experience.

So anyways, how's your love life now? You still crushing on [some cute girl]? You still spend your lunch breaks chatting with Tracie? Late nights with Meliss? You talk to April at all anymore? Have you found it in your heart to completely let go of the whole [backstabbing friend] & [heartbreaker girl] thing? I'm just about over it but there's still a bit of anger there.

Anyways, hope all is well with you. Don't forget to write Mel 2012!!!

Much love,

Mel '08

It's crazy reading this cuz the first Time Capsule email I wrote in 2006, it was just a couple months after graduation and a little before I got my first real job. My future was just up in the air at that point.

Fast forward to now, where I just recently had to quit that very job. Once again, I find my future is up in the air.

I'm definitely gonna keep this tradition alive and write to my 2012 future me. There are a ton of possibilities/questions/worries for me right now and I'm just eager to see how it will all unfold.

We'll see how things are in two years. In the meantime...love, laugh and learn.

Thank you, everyone!!

Thank you, everyone, for all the birthday wishes! I feel so young turning 21 again for the 7th straight year! My phone would NOT stop buzzing all day cuz of all the @replies, facebook notifications, tumblr posts and text messages...birthdays like yesterday remind me how blessed I am.

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After a while you learn...

by Unknown

AFTER A WHILE"¦. you learn the subtle differences between touching a life, and changing a soul; You learn the subtle differences between holding a hand, and letting one go; You learn the subtle differences between failure and downfall; You learn the subtle differences between disappointment and regret; You learn the subtle differences between having faith and finding hope.

AND YOU LEARN"¦You learn that love doesn't mean certainty and success doesn't mean security; You learn that promises aren't perpetual and words aren't eternal; You learn that kisses aren't assurrances, and hugs aren't compromises; You learn that even sunshine burns if you ask for too much. So you begin to accept your defeats. With your head held high and your eyes straight ahead, you keep on going.

AND YOU LEARN"¦You learn to build your loads on today because tomorrow's grounds are too uncertain. So you plant your own garden and decorate your own life. You sing your own song and lighten your own soul. You write your own novel instead of waiting for someone else to write if for you. You smile; you dance; you laugh; you celebrate and you love. And you learn that you really can endure. That you really are strong.

And you learn"¦and you learn. With every accomplishment, failure, triumph and defeat"¦you learn.

The Best Thing that Happened to Me in College

I want to tell you a story of the best thing that ever happened to me at Cal Poly.

It's somewhere around the third week of my first quarter. I really haven't made that many friends. I'm still adjusting to the whole college life thing. You know, getting used to all of this newfound freedom that I've never had before.

So I'm coming back to the dorms from a Carl's Jr. food run with one of my roommate's, Chris. We race from the parking lot, up a couple flights of stairs and up to our room. The door is closed and locked, which was typical, but this time there is a suspicious small yellow post-it note on the door written by our third roommate.

"Doing laundry. Do not disturb. -Craig"

Chris and I both look at each other thinking "what the fuck?" We both get a chuckle out of it and then proceed to opening the door.


The room is dark (thank god!) but the room totally reeks of sex. I can see the shadowy figure of Craig's girlfriend on the top bunk. She's naked and she's mad.

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Raging Waters!

My first ever water park day couldn't have been any better. Good times at Raging Waters with Christian, Elisa, Evan, Jerry, Jon, Joyce, Kat, Melissa and Samson!


Gotta love the Lazy Pool!

Life is good. :cool:


  • Bigs props to Joyce, Elisa and Meliss for doing the Drop Out!
  • Good times rubbing each other down with sunscreen!
  • Note To Self: when the park guys tell you to close your legs when you go down, they're telling you for a reason.
  • Try spreading your legs when you go down Drop Out if you like ultimate wedgies.
  • Waterproof digital camera's fucking kick ass! (Thanks Janet!)
  • Note To Self: surrounding people don't like unexpected belly flops. :oh:
  • Kat: thanks for showing us your boob. :chill:

View more pics.