Enough iPhone Apps!

melmyfinger: okay steve, we get the fucking point about the fucking iphone apps
sherwin: lol ya serious
sherwin: are they going to go thru every fucking app
sherwin: my friend just wrote
sherwin: "ok so the iphone runs apps now. i get it"
melmyfinger: hahah
melmyfinger: how long is this keynote supposed to be?
sherwin: most are an hour right
sherwin: wouldn't it be so rad
sherwin: if there's nothing to intro
sherwin: it's just all an app show
melmyfinger: apple's stock would drop so fucking low
melmyfinger: "one more thing.....no new iphone"
sherwin: go home fanboys
melmyfinger: stock plunges instantly
sherwin: and then he whips out his dick
sherwin: and pees on the front row
melmyfinger: hahahahahahahaha