How I Spent My Year 2014

Four years ago, I was picking up pieces of myself off the ground. Three years after that, I focused on rebooting my career. This past year, I focused on my new puppy and myself.

2014 was a pretty miserable year for me. I'm sure one would ever expect it. What people tend to forget is social media is just a giant online highlight reel. There’s a whole 'lotta life that happens in between posts, and for me, it was pretty shitty.

For the twelfth straight year, without fail, here is my annual survey of how I spent my year 2014.

How I Spent My Year 2012

I've spent a lot of my time this year focusing on myself. Taking a step back, looking at the good times I cherish, and the hard times that humbled me. I've been putting it together to see how all of that has affected who I am today.

I'm gaining a much better understanding of myself now. I really starting to understand what makes me tick, what inspires me to take bold steps, and what kind people/things hold me back.

I think know the right formula for me to move on (at least I think I do). I just have to put it all together.

A big part of that formula is getting my career back on track. Because when I have financial freedom, I can go out and spend more time with people that inspire me.

That's why my career has been my top priority for the past year.

Anyways, without any further ado, for my 9th straight year, here is my annual survey.

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How I Spent My Year 2009

I don't expect you guys to read all of this...but I hope you take the time to answer this survey yourselves just to reflect on the past year. If you do this, answer truthfully and with meaningful answers that you can look back on several years from now; it's amazing to look back on how you've grown.

This is my 7th straight year of doing this, and it's an absolute TRIP looking back and my old posts. Anyways, here it is.

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Convos: picking a new phone number

Finally got my Google Voice invite, thanks to @swisher59. Took me a few hours to think of a number to pick. Narrowed it down to just a couple numbers and just needed Janet and Nina's feedback to settle on one.

melmyfinger: help me pick a new number
melmyfinger: xxx-502-PORN or
melmyfinger: xxx-502-ROFL
jbula001: hmm.. i like porn
jbula001: for your cell phone?
jbula001: ohhh
jbula001: porn!
melmyfinger: hahahahahaahahaa
jbula001: those are my two options?
melmyfinger: yeah
melmyfinger: well, i have these too
xxx-646-ROFL - Whittier
xxx-354-BANG - Beverly Hills
xxx-242-BANG - Compton
xxx-229-BANG - Santa Monica
xxx-891-BANG - Newport
xxx-248-LMAO - Westminister
xxx-436-ORGY - Laguna Beach
jbula001: porn it
jbula001: hahhahahhahaha
jbula001: 502 porn just rolls off your tongue
melmyfinger: hahahahahaahaha
melmyfinger: you have no idea how much this means to me
melmyfinger: HAHAH
jbula001: now i'll always know your number
melmyfinger: hahahaha
melmyfinger: i kinda liked the ORGY one in laguna beach
jbula001: but a beverly hills bang is funny too
melmyfinger: it's like "what? an orgy in laguna beach? must be a classy orgy"
jbula001: hhhahha and bang in compton means something so differnent than bang in b.h
melmyfinger: EXACTLY
melmyfinger: hahahahahahaah
jbula001: like a drive-by vs. a hook up

melmyfinger: help me pick a phone number:
xxx-646-ROFL - Whittier
xxx-354-BANG - Beverly Hills
xxx-242-BANG - Compton
xxx-229-BANG - Santa Monica
xxx-891-BANG - Newport
xxx-248-LMAO - Westminister
xxx-436-ORGY - Laguna Beach
9natran: porn
melmyfinger: why that one in particular?
9natran: cuz it says porn
melmyfinger: hahahahahaa
9natran: LOL

Enough iPhone Apps!

melmyfinger: okay steve, we get the fucking point about the fucking iphone apps
sherwin: lol ya serious
sherwin: are they going to go thru every fucking app
sherwin: my friend just wrote
sherwin: "ok so the iphone runs apps now. i get it"
melmyfinger: hahah
melmyfinger: how long is this keynote supposed to be?
sherwin: most are an hour right
sherwin: wouldn't it be so rad
sherwin: if there's nothing to intro
sherwin: it's just all an app show
melmyfinger: apple's stock would drop so fucking low
melmyfinger: "one more new iphone"
sherwin: go home fanboys
melmyfinger: stock plunges instantly
sherwin: and then he whips out his dick
sherwin: and pees on the front row
melmyfinger: hahahahahahahaha


Damn you, iPhone!

June 20, 2007:

melmyfinger: you play with the iPhone yet?
swisher59: lol not yet but my friend just bught one today
melmyfinger: i just got back from Fashion Island
melmyfinger: apple store was packed
melmyfinger: it's pretty slick, mang
melmyfinger: they keyboard is gonna take some getting used to if i got one
swisher59: ya
swisher59: so you played with it
swisher59: worth it?
melmyfinger: i wouldn't buy it
melmyfinger: not right now
melmyfinger: i'd wait for a major revision at least
melmyfinger: the internet was lagging like crazy
swisher59: probably a huge influx of users really
swisher59: edge is gay anyway
melmyfinger: yah mon
melmyfinger: when they support 3G or whatever
melmyfinger: and knock off $100, i'll consider it
swisher59: i love mytreo though
swisher59: i'll run that into the ground
swisher59: until iphone has gps

August 8, 2007:

melmyfinger: man, the iphone is such a stupid investment
melmyfinger: so damn expensive
melmyfinger: but i got one anyways
swisher59: LOL
swisher59: funny you say that...
swisher59: cause...
swisher59: i feel like this is iphone anonymous
melmyfinger: hahaha
melmyfinger: you got one too?
swisher59: actually i have the cash in my pocket right now
swisher59: i'm going to the store in 15 minutes
swisher59: ironic huh

The Nerd Bet

Last Night on AIM:

melmyfinger: i'm goin with...leopard, new monitor w/ isight (24" and other sizes), airport extreme 2 and...iphone
melmyfinger: cingular
swisher59: IPHONE IS A MYTH
swisher59: lol
swisher59: i DO NOT believe it's real
melmyfinger: it will come
swisher59: all these leaks are smoke and mirrors
melmyfinger: tomorrow is a longshot, but it will come
swisher59: cmon ipod phone? get the fuck out of here
swisher59: the market would suck for it
swisher59: unless you can get an awesome ipod AND an awesome phone together
swisher59: biatch, please.
melmyfinger: i still believe
melmyfinger: two batteries, one for music and the other for the phone
melmyfinger: i don't think they'll support mobile itunes shoppping yet
swisher59: IT'S NOT REAL MEL
swisher59: lol
swisher59: OPEN YOUR EYES
melmyfinger: but maybe a way to browse, bookmark songs and then download later upon sync
swisher59: k how about this
melmyfinger: you're just saying that so when it does come out, you'll shit your pants with excitement

swisher59: okay how about this
swisher59: if i win
swisher59: your blog has to say, in its first post headline
melmyfinger: hahahahaa
swisher59: and if i lose i'll do the opposite, i spose? although you get more traffic :-(
melmyfinger: you on facebook too?
swisher59: LOL
swisher59: ruh roh
swisher59: okay facebook bet
melmyfinger: i get your blog, your myspace blog and your facebook status message
melmyfinger: and vice versa
melmyfinger: and no explaining that it's a bet until 24 hours after you post

melmyfinger: apple will announce a telephony device tomorrow
swisher59: k, it's on
swisher59: online shake
melmyfinger: online shake

The morning after...