Why do we argue?

Mel: alright phoebe, seriously, why do we argue like we're a couple?

Phoebe ...we?

Mel: uhh yeah, we...

Mel: it takes two to tango, girl.

Phoebe nuh uh, its just you.

Mel: wtf??

Phoebe you're the one that always starts it.

Mel: oh so its my fucking fault??

Phoebe pretty much.

Mel: WTF??!

Mel: ....

Mel: omfg, we are not having an argument about why we get into arguments.

Party of Sausage...I mean, 12

A great way to celebrate the end of an era.

tuscan spinach dip...$7.69

two orders of tostado nachos,

two orders of fried mozzarella,

two orders of loaded pototato skins,

two orders of buffalo chicken strips,

two orders of sesame jack chicken strips,

three orders of chocolate obsession,

one order of oreo madness and more...$99.89

enjoying all of it during happy hour @ tgifridays, reminiscing all the goodtimes in the dorms with your old school dorm buddies...priceless

haha yeah yeah, that's so cliche but its true.

Who was there?

by order of largest penis size...me, darwin, chris, pavel, chin, bojo, spencer, evan, greg, ernesto, karen (ok, she's technically a girl...but really she's just a cool dude with long hair

wink smilie
)...it was a good crowd.

the whole night was just going back and forth on random memories, like:

  • the time we caught evan watching porn and talking on the phone...with his mom!!!
    rofl smilie
    wtf smilie
  • the 6 year frenchie, al, with the knee-high jean shorts and the funny walk...and the way he couldn't pee when someone else was in the bathroom...
    dunno smilie
  • the time when i threw a curveball at darwin, and curved so much that it directly hit pavel who was eating cup-o-noodles at his laptop.
    oh smilie
  • the sleepless nights for me and chris because our third roommate, craig, was too busy having sex with the unofficial fourth roommate, kristy.
    squint smilie
  • when we convinced pavel that "fag" was a cooler way of saying "frag" (which is lingo for a kill in a computer game). pavel, thus, became known as "fagfucker."
    bowrofl smilie

we went back and forth on too many memories to list...good times, good times.

congrats, pavel. you're one of the first to move in the dorms, the last to leave the dorms, and the first of us to graduate. if i had a smiley for a pat-on-the-ass, i'd use it right now.
wink smilie


Birthday Shout-Outs

Huz-B & Ashley - consider yourselves special cuz you were born on my birthday.

biggrin smilie

Karen & Augustus - happy belated!!

Jamie - God bless your soul. it wasn't until recently that you married into the family, but i have always considered you as family. i'll be sure to give a helping hand in raising Kainoa...rest in peace, kuya.

Cathy - past couple weeks have been real hard...but hey, things are gonna get better....spring break reunion, baby!!! yeah whoo!!!

April - the twin sister that i've always wanted...even though you're only a third my size, you always manage to pick me up when i'm down...thank god i found you. a couple weeks from now, our livers' are goin' down....down, down, down!!!!

Sherwin - thanks for the talk the other night. with all the shit that's been happening in my life, i just about gave up on my faith...but you helped me see. thanks for giving me something to believe in again. (btw, i still gotta send you your autographed pornstar poster)

Melissa Le - you eat yet? hahaha jk. thanks for putting up with me all those afternoons that i don't have class. lemme make it up to you...come over to my place for some mac & cheese, if you know what i mean...

naughty smilie

Alan, Amy, Cathy, Dan, James, Melissa, Mike, Natalie, Rachel - oh man, next week is gonna rock!!!

headbang smilie

To everyone else, including the old guy at yoshinoya, the mexican dude at hano's and to all the waiters at the boat: thanks for all the good times!!

biggrin smilie

Congratulations Webb Seniors

durrey (aka brown sugar), alex, bryan, caleb, morris, richard, ed yoon (aka chode) and all you other webb graduating webb seniors....congratulations. you motherfuckers all got big in 3 years. hanna, fadi, numair (aka smart little shit), mike freed (aka squeek), brandon and all you other guys....it was good seein' you all again too.