Thank you, everyone!!

Thank you, everyone, for all the birthday wishes! I feel so young turning 21 again for the 7th straight year! My phone would NOT stop buzzing all day cuz of all the @replies, facebook notifications, tumblr posts and text messages...birthdays like yesterday remind me how blessed I am.

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Hopefully I got everyone in here that gave me a shoutout (over 240!?!). Love you all! <33


Fall Quarter 2005

yeah yeah, i've been neglecting my blog for the past several weeks. for those of you that are feeling mel my finger withdrawal, here's what i've been up to:


entrepeneurship class (EBZ306) was aight. i had the professor in the past and he knows i know my shit. finished with an A-.

biggrin smilie

internet law class (FRL410) was cool. class was mostly computer geeks like me, along with a nice ratio of girls. lotsa times our discussions went off track and bunch of us tech saavy guys ended up talking about the not-so-legal stuff we've done on the internet.

chill smilie
on a side note, the classroom's theromostat was broken, so the whole quarter we were freezing our asses off. (oh yeah, on another sidenote...god bless hard nipples.
gayhehe smilie
) exams were easy and the 20 page research paper was a breeeeeeze. finished with an A.
bigthumbup smilie

finance class (FRL301) was a biaaaatch!! i retook the professor that completely and utterly failed me for the prerequisite finance class. the entire grading system was based on 3 exams. the first exam i got a 51%. :down: but hey, the class average was a 50%.

happysad smilie
the class average for the 2nd exam was a 50% too...but this time i scored a 28%.
oh smilie
i know the professor curves at the end of the quarter, so basically i had one last chance -- the final exam. i studied my ass off and...

i got a 100%!! in your mouth, biaaaaatch!!!

happyfawk smilie

volleyball class is always fun. my original volleyball coach was laid off so we ended up with the weight-lifting coach. my god, she has to be the buffest woman i've even met. i got pretty tight with her...but it wierded me out when she started saying things like "you have great arms."

wtf smilie
these pathetic things??? here i am, standing in front of Ms. Weight-Lifting of OC, getting complimented for my arms.
confused smilie
"you have great calves too."
uhh smilie
i do???

she's cool though. finished with an A.

yababy smilie

basketball class is always fun too...except this quarter, i sprained my ankle and i was out for 5 weeks. get this: i sprained my ankle walking to the gym to play basketball. walking. i stepped into a pot hole and totally jacked up my right ankle.

oh smilie
butt its all good because when i got back, my team, Monstars Part II, marched onwards to our second straight championship. Spring 2005 & Fall 2005 Champs, baby!! that brings me to a total of 13 seasons, 5 finals appearances and 4 championships for me.

trophy smilie

so yeah, a very productive quarter...i'm officially left with 7 classes before i graduate!!

woohoo smilie

5-Year Highschool Reunion

i forgot to make a post about this...but i had my 5-year reunion at Webb in october. i hardly took any pics but it was really chill seeing a bunch of familiar faces again. seriously, a bunch of these faces i haven't seen since graduation (or should i say, the after-grad party). one highlight was getting drunk with the dean.

yababy smilie

oh yeah, the night before, some of the guys got drunk and snuck onto campus, knocking on the doors of freshmen in the dorms.

rofl smilie
wish i was there for that.


many of you guys know about my drama this past quarter. pretty lame but whatevers...i know who my real friends are because of it.

speaking of real friends...

Amy's Wedding

ahh yes, good times with the 577 crew in mexico. my god, that was a long ass fucking drive butt it was soooo worth it.

congratulations again, amy!!

Sausage Fest 2005

the greatest thanksgiving tradition ever!!! ten dudes, one house, unlimited alcohol.

Food Journal Entries

here's a quick rundown of my food journal entries this past quarter.

  • Cheesesteaks @ Philly's Best »this place is freakin' awesome!!! they ship the ingredients straight from philly...can't get any more authentic than that outside of philly.
  • Mongolian BBQ @ Claremont »
  • Bacon Pineapple BBQ Pizza @ Papa Johns »
  • Sausage, Egg & Cheese McGriddle »
  • Teriyaki Bowls & California Rolls @ Jinza Teriyaki »
  • Chicken Bowls @ Yoshinoya »
  • Deep Fried Snickers, Twinkies and Oreos

What I'm Listening To...

lotsa R&B this quarter.

  • Dru Hill - These Are the Times
  • Ryan Cabrera - Photo
  • Drop N Harmony - It's Over
  • Default - Found My Way Out
  • Kevon Edmonds - Move It Slow
  • Joe - Understand

Quote of the Moment

ganked from daniel (cpp)'s profile:

A great teacher once told me that your personality and character should be comprised of what you Like and Love, not that which you dislike and hate. Dwelling on these things only allows them to consume you. There are a lot of things to hate....but what a waste of life.

that's all for now. have a very merry christmas, stay away from yellow snow and use protection!!!

How I spent my summer vacation v.2005

// ah man, the first day of class...summer is officially over. just a quick recap for shits and giggles.**one new toy that kept me entertained throughout the summer was my new digi cam. this baby entertained me when i was alone for several nights.

chill smilie

classes were actually really cool too, even though they were all freakin' freshmen classes.

oh smilie
i've been pushing back my public speaking class for years because i dreaded the subject, but i managed to make the best of the situation with my speeches (How to Gain Weight Fast, Imperfection).

once again i maintained my straight A's and B's.

headbang smilie

(on a sidenote, i slept in on the fisrt 40 minutes of my history exam.

oh smilie
but the cool thing is i still pulled out with a B.
yababy smilie

almost everyday after class i'd kick it at the pool with chin, where he would teach me the art of the bellyflop.

biggrin smilie

we even collaborated on the invention of the backflop.

bowdown smilie

the crappy nights in my crappy apartment are finally over with. i'm finally living in the village with a buncha montecito crew OGs.

bigthumbup smilie

for phoebe's birthday, chin hooked us up with tickets for disneyland.

biggrin smilie

towards the end of august, some of the saudi crew was back in the states so we had a little saudi shindig at my place.

cheers smilie

beginning of september, the highlight of my summer, was eating white castle julie's wedding.

aww smilie

last weekend, mike and i decided to road trip over to arizona to visit chelsea. maaaan, that was a long ass drive...but it was worth it. (sorry, we only managed to take a very few pics)

Songs of the Moment

  • Craig David - Hypnotic
  • Jane's Addiction - Superhero (Entourage Theme)
  • Green Day - Wake Me Up When September Ends
  • Switchfoot - The Setting Sun
  • The Ataris - In This Diary

First Week of Summer School

summer's been great so far. here's what's been happening...


okay, not exactly the most wild summer trip to vegas...

Chris calls me:

Chris: yo
Me: yo
Chris: ...i got in an accident on the way to vegas...

oh smilie

so i drove up to vegas to help him out (along with his auntie and family friend). wasn't bad or anything cuz i was planning on going to vegas to visit my parents anyways.

so when i get there and i quickly realize something...chris' company doesn't really speak english...

uhh smilie
basically, the next couple days were those three speaking thai among themselves and me just nodding my head & smiling. is that what a foreign exchange student feels like?

anyways, it was still fun showing 'em around town.

Chris, Auntie, and Mel posing in front of a tiger statue


gayhehe smilie

Thank you Mr. Burglar...

i'd like to take a moment to thank the fuckers that broke into my parents house and stole my mom's jewelry and shit. because of you cocksuckers my parents are planning on selling that pleasant little house...and move into a brand-spankin' new luxury condo!!!

the new place is still under construction but is set to be liveable by May of next year.

biggrin smilie

COM 100: Public Speaking

god i love summer school. its just so much more chill than the rest of the year. and even better, i have some really kick ass teachers this quarter.

the classes i'm taking are classes that i've been putting off for the past 5 years because -- public speaking, u.s. history 201 and bio lab. i hate all of those with a passion...but when you have kick ass teachers like i do, i almost wish i took these classes a long time ago.

check out my communications professor, peter lee. the first day of class he tells us how its hard to (quantitatively) measure confidence; but his special way was with toilet paper.

Beginning of Public Speaking Class:

Peter Lee: ok, i want you to tear of a piece of toilet paper. if you're confident i want you to take about 3-5 squares of toilet paper. if you're not as confident, take 6-7. if you're not confident at all, take more.

After everyone has toilet paper:

Peter Lee: okay, now that everyone has toilet paper, i want each of you to stand up and tell me about yourselves. the more toilet paper you have, the longer you talk. go!!

one of my buddies warned me he was gonna do this a couple weeks ahead of time, so i cheated and only pulled 3 squares. so what did i say about myself?

My introduction:

Mel: hey everyone, my name is mel. i'm an e-business major and i'm starting my 6th year here.
Mel: i was raised in saudi arabia and....ummm...
Mel: (say something, damnit, just say something!!!)
Mel: i'm not wearing any underwear.

happysad smilie

the professor was laughing hard, which was good because it just shows how laid-back he is compared to those old school, strict professors that i just hate (and fail miserably).

i think the best introduction was the asian dude that went last.

Asian Dude: hey my name is

blah smilie

Asian Dude: i'm from
blah smilie

Asian Dude: ...that's it.
Professor: nice try. you got more toilet paper than that, keep going.
Asian Dude: ummmmmmmmmm
Professor: just tell us one more thing about yourself
Asian Dude:
dunno smilie

Professor: i don't care, man, just tell me a lie.
Asian Dude: ok, i think you're cool.

rofl smilie

this is gonna be a fun class, i just know it.

biggrin smilie

History 201: United States History

i hate feminists. they bitch about wanting to be treated equally as men yet you never see them say anything when they get free shit for showing a little cleavage. if men have to pay to get into clubs, shouldn't women too? especially since they should be "treated equally as men" or whatever.

whatever smilie

but there are a couple feminists that i actually really like -- isabelle from berkley and dr. lamphier, my history professor this quarter.

dr. lamphier is like a feminist version of conan or something. she just has this uncanny ability to make history fun to learn...and then she has those random tangents to keep us entertained. like the first day of class, she was explaining how the two different aspects of history is like the two different aspects of love -- the dating phase and the commitment phase.

basically, in the dating phase you hear all the things that you want to hear; all the pleasant things. in the commitment phase you get the whole truth. although the whole truth might not be as pleasant as we'd like it to be (like in the dating phase), its still important to ultimately know the whole truth.

after elaborating on that, she went off on a tangent for a bit...

Dr. Lamphier: i remember the exact moment i realized that i was in the commitment phase.
Dr. Lamphier: my husband (boyfriend at the time) and i pulled over to an arco to fill up on gas.
Dr. Lamphier: as he got out of the car, he rips this HUUUUUUGE fart.
Dr. Lamphier: of course i'm completely disgusted but he closes the door behind him and just starts laughing.
Dr. Lamphier: it was that exact moment that i realized the romantic days were over....but i still loved him.

i know i'm just gonna love this class.

My New Pet

chin says i should name it "melvin" because he eats everything. i'm not so sure about that though because my venus fly trap is bolemic or something...the picky little fucker spits up the flies i feed him.

mad smilie


  • driving around and exploring the OC is fun.
    wiggle smilie
  • the owner of my favorite hawaiian restaurant knows me now.
    biggrin smilie
  • goal for summer: master the belly flop.
    yababy smilie
  • had my first visit to Marie Calendars
    biggrin smilie
  • must figure out how to prevent chaffed nipples when i boogie board.
    oh smilie
  • april says i should just rub vaseline on my nipples.
    naughty smilie
  • building 23, the place to be!!
    cool smilie

Songs of the Moment

  • Black Eyed Peas - Gone Going ft. Jack Johnson
  • The Ataris - The Boys of Summer
  • The Ataris - In This Diary
  • Jamiroquai - Don't Give Hate a Chance

Best of

  • vid: Conan Does the Michael Jackson Trial »
  • How much would someone buy YOU for? »
  • »
  • New Model: Time Travel Possible »
  • Hidden Camera gets some killed »
  • vid: wanna fight, biaatch?? »
  • Tyson the Skateboarding Bulldog »
  • How long do I last in bed?? »

My First Trip to Disneyland

// i'm tired as hell so i'll just make this quick...

Last Week

aced my accounting final. no more class on mondays, wednesdays or fridays.

happyfawk smilie
just a couple more weeks of projects and then...summer school.
oh smilie

Got Sick / An Epiphany

remember my new years resolution for 2005? to stop eating off the floor? well, in the past i used to get sick every month. if i didn't one month, i'd get sick twice the next month. no joke, ask alan & james...i'd always be sick when they did their monthly visits. anyways, ever since my new years resolution, 5 months and 19 days later...i got sick for the first time this year.

uhh smilie
something to tell your kids...

Kainoa's 2nd Birthday / My First Trip to Disneyland

got there @ 11:30am, stayed there til closing, a little bit past 10pm.

had my first funnel cake evar. oh, the heaven of mountain whipped cream...oh, the hell of lactose intolerance...

first ride we did was buzz lightyear. i kinda sucked the first time around.

oh smilie

my cousins shop too damn much. spent A LOT of time at the gift store.

wtf smilie

tower of terror was pretty tight. note to self: when on one of these free-falling type rides, grab your handle bars for safety...not the penises of the guys next to you...

oh smilie

soarin' california was a

coold smilie
ride. actually got my weakass all motion-sick.
happysad smilie

strips, dips & chips are

yumyum smilie

i think i have a new fetish...the disneyland block party girls. (my camera was too slow and too weaksauce to keep up with all the hot performers. i only managed to get this one)

i can just see it now...

Mel's New Fantasy:

Mel: come on, baby. you know how i like it.
Mel: put on that disney costume and to the locomotion again.

naughty smilie

star (wars) tour is hella old. the little orientation/safety video has a chinese dude with a turqoise polo shirt, brown aviater sunglasses, a blue trucker hat and dinky green umbro shorts.

rofl smilie
the ride was aight. its just funny seeing how "futuristic" looked in the eyes of people in the 70s.

indiana jones was a fun ride. the only gay part was this freakin' eager beaver indian chick that kept cutting in front of people in line.

madfawk smilie
seriously, this chick cut in front of 10 people, including us. its all good though, karma bit her in the ass when the lines split up...she ended up in the slow-as-hell line while we ended up in the fast lane.
gayhehe smilie

note to self: when going down that final drop of the log ride on splash mountain, lifting up your shirt to expose your manbreasts to the in-action-camera while the person behind you squeezes your nipples is considered as a "safety violation." they will delete the photo and refuse to sell it to you after the ride.

please smilie

note to self: the heaviest person should NEVER sit at the front of the log ride.

oh smilie

Log Ride on Splash Mountain:

Raynell: oh shit!!!
Raynell: melvin, lean back!!
Raynell: we're gonna tip over!!!

Songs of the Moment

  • Frankie J - How to Deal
  • Jason Mraz - Wordplay
  • Lenny Kravitz - Again (Unplugged @ the Much Music Video Awards)