New Hotness:

My most recent addiction.

All of the local filipino musicians get on this thing and broadcast throughout the day. Their "shows" can be anything: live performances, open practices, random jam sessions, or just screwing around & chatting with the viewers. It's such an awesome way to get personal with indie artists and discover new music.

One of my favorite things about this is when they freestyle with whatever words the viewers type in the chatroom. Check out the video below, where Jeremy "Passion" Mondongo does a freestyle about food and finishes with a roll call. (You'll see my screenname in the chat)

Original: Passion - Randomness Addict

Another cool thing is you can have two people co-host during a broadcast. Check this one out with Passion & Nessa Ramos (and pay attention to 2:07, haha):

Original: Chillen with Nessa

This co-hosting thing makes blogtv a LOT of fun. All of these local filipino artists are good friends with each other and take turns co-hosting each other's shows. Someone will start broadcasting in the afternoon, do it for a couple hours and then they'll hit up the next artist. For the past few nights they've been taking turns broadcasting til 4 in the morning. Sooooo chill!

Check it out: