How I Spent My Year 2013

Ten years. That's how long I've been doing this annual survey thing. Ten f'ing years. I don't write much original content on this blog but if there's one blog post I can count on making each year, it's this one.

I am going do this annual blog post every year for the rest of my life.

I try really hard to give answers that'll still mean something over time. Maybe one day, a loved one or a child of mine will find a lot of value in all this, maybe even years after I've passed.

Or if nobody ever reads this, that'd be fine too. I've been keeping up with this tradition because I love taking the time to reflect on how I've grown.

In 2011, my life was in shambles. In 2012, my focus was getting my career back on track. In 2013, things finally started falling into place. It feels good.

Here's how my year 2013 went.

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I'm already predicting that these boys will win Season 4. They have an American-dream backstory (they're first-generation Filipino-Americans, whose parents have sacrificed for them); they traffic in '90s nostalgia (they were raised on boy bands like *NSYNC, Kris Kross, and, yes, Boyz II Men); and they're cute as heck, with charisma for days. Their performance of Bruno Mars's "Treasure" was a hoot. "You have so much personality, and it's really coming through," said Jewel. Ben described them as "absolutely fun and entertaining and grabbing from the first note," though he did say they sometimes got ahead of the beat. Shawn compared their "smooth, not too loud" style to Boyz II Men's. These boyz are going to go far, mark my words.

Lyndsey Parker, Yahoo TV

How I Spent My Year 2012

I've spent a lot of my time this year focusing on myself. Taking a step back, looking at the good times I cherish, and the hard times that humbled me. I've been putting it together to see how all of that has affected who I am today.

I'm gaining a much better understanding of myself now. I really starting to understand what makes me tick, what inspires me to take bold steps, and what kind people/things hold me back.

I think know the right formula for me to move on (at least I think I do). I just have to put it all together.

A big part of that formula is getting my career back on track. Because when I have financial freedom, I can go out and spend more time with people that inspire me.

That's why my career has been my top priority for the past year.

Anyways, without any further ado, for my 9th straight year, here is my annual survey.

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