Martin Luther King Weekend

// time for my babble of the week...hmmm, what to babble about...

My definition of "tragedy"

okay, this past weekend i finally decided to open up my endless stack of mail...

Mel: hmm...junk mail...junk mail...bills...junk mail....hmmmm, something from my car dealership...
Mel: oh cool, a scratch n' match sweepstakes...

If your numbers match, you are a guaranteed winner of one of the following prizes:

  • $5,000 Cash (
    fingersx smilie
  • 4-piece Luggage Set (
    wank smilie
  • $250 Home Depot Gift Card (
    wtf2 smilie
  • $500 Online Shopping Spree (
    nc smilie
    i won that shit last year...)
  • 5 Day / 4 Night Disney Resort Vacation (
    coold smilie
  • 42" Plasma TV...(
    drool smilie

Your numbers above must match and you most claim your prize at the dealership at the previously specified times and dates.

Mel: scratch
Mel: 5667...
Mel: scratch
Mel: 5667!!?!?!?!?!!!!!!
Mel: i won!!!!! holy fuck, i won!!!!!
Mel: checks the previously specified times and dates**

Prizes will be awarded on these times and dates only!!!

  • December 28th, 2004 -- 1pm - 4pm
  • December 29th, 2004 -- 12pm - 3pm
  • December 30th, 2004 -- 1pm - 4pm


moral of the story: check your damn mail...

Counting my blessings...

early monday afternoon, stan (high school buddy) and i decided to visit our fallen homie, walter cooley. (kinda stupid how i thought up of visiting was martin luther king day...and walter is my brother of another color...anyways...) so i was driving like 90 mph on the 210W...there was a minivan ahead of me, tailgating a hot yellow mitsubishi lancer...we were all kinda tailgaiting, actually...

anyways we were just talking and driving...then i notice the lancer swerving left and right a bit...

and then he swerves across all four lanes, all the way from the fast lane to the slow lane...then the dude spins out and swerves back @ 90 mph towards the fast lane...

"oh my god"

BAM!!!!!! just 30 ft ahead of us, the lancer totally crashes into the concrete divider...

i never would've thought that cars could bounce off of concrete like that...

oh, and for the record, i didn't poo myself this time.

squintfawk smilie

Week 3 of being on the pill...

my (very round, very sexy) body is finally adjusting to my pills...i'm finally noticing some differences...but strangely, its not my attention span that getting the most significant change...its my emotions.

i realized that my emotions are like a rollercoaster...and its always the little things that can set me off...the little things can make me really happy but they can just as easily piss me off and make me all emo (that's short for "emotional"...usually in a depressing kind of emotion). with the pill, i'm not so emo anymore...

i was bored the other night so i looked up Strattera online and i found one guy describe it as the "i don't give a fuck about the little things anymore" pill...

omg smilie
that's so true...

i dug around some more and i found that (although not officially approved by the FCC for this) Strattera can be used to treat depression.

whoa cool...i can definitely say that i feel more content these days...even despite some of the drama in my life right now...butt anyways, i feel happier these days...

oh, and speaking of "happy"...i am happy as fuck to say that Woody is baaaaaaaack!!!!!

wiggle smilie
oh man, i used to think how annoying it was to have morning wood...but after two weeks of impotence...i've never been happier.
biggrin smilie

Smelly Guy moving out...

i just find out yesterday that infamous Smelly Guy is leaving me!!!?! he's checking out of the apartment on sunday and transferring to Sacramento.

its wierd...kinda happy...kinda sad....(kinda fucked up on my part, i know)...things are gonna be different without him.

kinda sad because he's made some improvement...he switched body washes to Suave's Cucumber Melon (which isn't exactly the most masculine body wash out there, but hey, he smells a lot better).

so yeah, he's'll be better for him though...cuz back in NorCal he'll have his homies, his car, family and gf. i wish him the best.

i'll smell you later, mang!!!!

Songs that I can't get out of my head

  • Trucker Hat by Bowling for Soup
  • Let's Take our Time by Ryan Cabrera
  • That damn jingle for the Chevy Cobalt commercial!!!

anyways, that's all for now...hope you all had a great martin luther kind weekend.

i love black people!!!

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The Boat List

I went to the Boat (a kick-ass thai restaurant) yesterday with Melissa (Le). I'm a regular there and the waiters thought I was on a date so they hooked us up with some free boba smoothies.  And last time, when I went with Phoebe, they hooked me up with extra fried rice. The guys there always hook me up cuz I've probably been their best customer since I bring in everyone I know to the place. Anyways, it got me many people have I taken to the Boat? Well, off the top of my head...

Alan, Angela, Anthony, April, Augustus, Bojo, Cathy, Chain, Chris, Colin, Craig, Cristina, Dan, Danny (Baller), Darwin, Elisa, Jackie, James, John, Joyce, Josh M, Karen, Kristy, Laura, Melissa G, Melissa Le, Mike Holt, Mom & Dad, Mr. & Mrs. Blake, Phoebe, Rachel, Rainee, Rich, Ron, Rose, Ryan, Sam (CPP), Suey, Thomas, Travis

That's 43 if I've counted correctly...hit me up if I forgot ya or someone else...

Pirst Week of School


Man, things have been slow on this site...probably because of several reasons. I'm finding myself going out a lot more and visiting people (esp in the dorms) now that school has started. Classes are pretty cool...I finally have some good teachers that have a teaching style that's compatible with me.

smile smilie

Tuesdays and Thursdays are definitely the best days...Astronomy, Basketball and Volleyball. Even though Astronomy is an 8am class, the stuff actually keeps me awake because this was my first passion when I was a kid. BBall and VBall are always cool...I finally got my buddy Pavel to enroll in the classes, and we play awesome together on the court. For volleyball, I've gotten a shit load better...probably cuz I was playing beach volleyball with Josh the whole summer. I'm also actually spiking the shit out of the ball on the men's nets...probably cuz I've lost weight since being traumatized by Super Size Me.

Food for Thought

Oh yeah, that's another thing...I'm actually doing really good with my eating..I've seriously cut down on the greasy fast more burgers...eating more chicken and rice but in smaller portions...and no more eating after 6.

bigthumbup smilie
I haven't weighed myself yet but I can definitely see my toes now the difference. Today was my cheat day but I realized that cheat day isn't even fun anymore...its just straight up gross. I actually had a difficult time downing one double-double (double cheeseburger) was really wierd but at least in a good way.
happysad smilie
Its kinda like that one summer in Saudi when Zizi had an all-girls fancy dinner party...I dressed up as a girl and got in...and when I was eating, all the girls jokingly gave me crap for my "eating like an animal" tendencies...that actually traumatized me so now my appettite gets psychologically surpressed when I eat around (most) girls.


Oh yeah, a little update on my uncle...he's doing absolutely terrible.

cry smilie
He has like zero energy...has to be energy to talk and can barely open his eyes because light is painful...omg, its just so painful to see him like this...and the really painful part is seeing Rose (my cousin, his daughter) trying to deal with this...I can't even imagine what its like for her...

One thing I'm really proud of is how all of my family and relatives are helping out anyway possible...when he was in the hospital, there was ALWAYS someone there beside his bed...and every weekend, there's always a family get-together..."Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind."

grouphug smilie

More Random Stuff:

  • Web Cams are fun...
    naughty smilie
  • Watch Shaun of the Dead...its funny as balls.
    yababy smilie
  • Free food @ Webb...I actually went back to Webb with fellow classmate, Stan, and got some free country fried chicken steak (chicken country fried steak? fried country chicken steak? chicken fried country steak??
    dunno smilie
  • My was selected as the Site of the Month for
    highfive smilie
    )...I'll post my interview here when it's published this November.
    cool smilie
  • Song of the Moment: Smile by Tamia
  • PL: we might have our share of fights here and there...there might be moments when you just absolutely piss me off...but at the end of the day, I care about you...and I'll always be here for you.
  • Random Quote of the Moment: if you don't like anal sex, you must be gay...
    rofl smilie
    at the irony.
  • I'm working on a new version of
    wiggle smilie

End of Summer 2004

tomorrow (today) is the first day of the quarter and i have an 8am class...its 1:40am right now and i just can't fall asleep.

this past summer was really chill...a lot more laid back than last summer, but still fun.

chill smilie
it started out pretty cool, with josh being my roommate for like 6 weeks. the weekdays were mostly school for me and driving to LA for josh...but on the weekends it was all about shibbying @ huntington beach, beach volleyball, more shibby and cheap BJs courtesy of rose & diana.
gayhehe smilie

there were times when josh and i would butt some nights, my laid back, low maintenance lifestyle would totally clash with his i-like-to-party-i-like-i-like-to-party attitude...and it didn't help that we only had one car (which my dad mandated that no one else can drive without me).

argue smilie
meh, whatevers...i basically learned that being around the same person for a full 24-7, no matter how cool they are, is never a good thing.

anyways, fourth of july rolled around. loved it. it was that party @ natalie's place and i met some cool girls there. i'll never forget when josh and i were partners for taboo...

Mel: if everything about a girl is hot but her face, you'd cover it up with a brown...
Josh: BAG!!!
Mel: yes!!!Mel: if you sleep with an underage girl, you go to...
Josh: JAIL!!!
Mel: yes!!!
Mel: i have a lot of this on my computer
Josh: PORN!!!
Mel: correct!!!

fourth of july was also the day i talked to my precious Jasmine Trias on the phone. (and i know that some of you fuckers voted "0 stars - terrible" for that post i made about it...but i don't give a rats ass what you think.

squintfawk smilie
i think its fucked up how you guys never rate anything "good," yet you made the effort to rate "terrible" on something i care about.
disappointed smilie

anyways...there was also that weekend when mike came to party down in huntington. that was a good 'ol drunken time, i must say. :beerchug:

...unfortunately, that weekend was also when my beloved hamster passed away...

bigcry smilie
you my boy, pube!!! you my boy!!!

i think it was the weekend after that when we had another shindig at my, alan, james, josh and dan. i'll never forget the jamming on the ukulele while alan & drunken josh would freestyle the lyrics.

rofl smilie
that weekend was also the time when i hit an incline @ 60 mph with a full load of guys in my car...and also ended up paying $500 for fixing her up afterwards...
oh smilie

for the rest of summer, things got really chill. josh flew back home and i was left with a buttload of computer programming and web design projects.

oooooh wait a minute, how could i forget the cal poly sausage fest in my apartment!! all of the old school montecito crew were at my place, drinkin' & smokin' it up. that was also the first time "jimmy" tainted his virgin lungs.

yababy smilie
good times...good times...

once summer school was done, i headed to vegas for a week for some errands...tinted out my car, fixed like a bagillion computers and some other shit. it was my first time @ my parent's new vegas house, which i must say has that hotel suite feel to it.

the final days of my summer i spent working @ home...i have a deadline for my that i refuse to miss. (on a side note, last summer i broke the 1,000 member milestone...this summer i broke 6,000.

highfive smilie
) on the weekends i'd drive back to webb to visit cristina along with the rest of her family. at the football field, i bumped into my classmate, natasha...

Mel: natasha??
Natasha: mel??!
Mel: oh shit, hey!!! how are you??
Natasha: i'm good.Mel: so what are you up to now that you graduated?
Natasha: i'm relaxing now, but i'm gonna get my PHD over at UCLA.
Natasha: ...what about you?
Mel: oh, i'm still at cal poly...
Natasha: oh...when you gonna graduate?
Mel: 2 years...ish...

oh smilie

later that night i kicked it with my webb homie, stan, who also just graduated. damn all you people that follow the 4 year plan!!

so anyways, i'm at my apartment now. my roommate, sam, still smells like feet. the two new roommates seem cool though. one of the guys i played bball with a few seasons ago. they're also neat freaks, which is a good thing as roommates.

holy fuck, its 3am now and i have to get up by 7. alright, i'm out. thanks for the great summer everyone...and an even bigger thanks for actually reading this whole damn thing. have a nice day.

wink smilie

Back to Webb

cristina finally started high school @ webb. i tagged along with the rest of the family to move her in. maaaan, its a trip going back to my high school after 5 years. there was only a half-handful of familiar faces there...its kinda cool how teachers that i never actually met still remember me...

Mr. Brotchsul: hey, you look familiar
Mel: hey, mr. brotchsul, right? i'm mel...i graduated here in 2000.
Mr. Brotchsul: yeah i remember. nice to finally meet ya.
Mr. Brotchsul: and you look familiar too...
James: yeah, i came here for a year...and then i wasn't invited back...

happysad smilie

Mr. Brotchsul: oh...and how about you?
Alan: ...well...i applied here...and got rejected...
frown smilie

i also bumped into my good ol friend, al, the head chef.

Al: hey!!!
Mel: hey, whats up al??!
Al: not much, man!!
Al: hey, you should come here on thursday, we're serving fajitas!!
Al: and we have your favorite breakfast burritos every friday!!

also, it seems like webb is finally restocking on good-looking girls...

pedo smilie

on tuesday, we had a little cal poly sausage fest in my apartment. its kinda funny how the initial "couple guys" that came over ended up being like 10 more. we busted out the houka, some beer, and some "magical, medical stuff."

yababy smilie
oh yeah, we accidently smoked out chin...

Chin: lemme hit some of that [houka]
Sudheer: there's shibby in there
Chin: really?
Pavel: yeah.
Chin: eh, i sense some sarcasm...
Chin: *smokes*later on that night
Mel: uhh dude, there really was shibby in there...
Chin: whaaaat?? i thought you guys were just joking!! oh no, my virgin lungs!!

  • watched 3 movies this week...Without a Paddle was meh...i shibbied beforehand and i only managed to get a couple good chuckles from it...

  • Hero with jet li was meh was cuz i had to read all the f'ing subtitles for the whole damn 2 hours...and also the super deep, chinese philosophical stuff was just too much for me...i tried so hard to appreciate the movie but i just didn't...

    dunno smilie

  • Collateral was a good movie. tom cruise is a badass and jada pinkett smith is a freakin' hottie.

    bangin smilie

A beautiful girl can make you dizzy, like you've been drinking Jack and Coke all morning. She can make you feel high, full of the greatest comidy known to man: PROMISE. Promise of a better day, promise of a new tommrow, this particular aura can be found in the gate of a beautiful girl. In her smile, in her soul, in the way she makes every rotten thing in this life seem like it's going to be okay.

—Brian H.

Birthday Shout-Outs

Huz-B & Ashley - consider yourselves special cuz you were born on my birthday.

biggrin smilie

Karen & Augustus - happy belated!!

Jamie - God bless your soul. it wasn't until recently that you married into the family, but i have always considered you as family. i'll be sure to give a helping hand in raising in peace, kuya.

Cathy - past couple weeks have been real hard...but hey, things are gonna get better....spring break reunion, baby!!! yeah whoo!!!

April - the twin sister that i've always wanted...even though you're only a third my size, you always manage to pick me up when i'm down...thank god i found you. a couple weeks from now, our livers' are goin' down....down, down, down!!!!

Sherwin - thanks for the talk the other night. with all the shit that's been happening in my life, i just about gave up on my faith...but you helped me see. thanks for giving me something to believe in again. (btw, i still gotta send you your autographed pornstar poster)

Melissa Le - you eat yet? hahaha jk. thanks for putting up with me all those afternoons that i don't have class. lemme make it up to you...come over to my place for some mac & cheese, if you know what i mean...

naughty smilie

Alan, Amy, Cathy, Dan, James, Melissa, Mike, Natalie, Rachel - oh man, next week is gonna rock!!!

headbang smilie

To everyone else, including the old guy at yoshinoya, the mexican dude at hano's and to all the waiters at the boat: thanks for all the good times!!

biggrin smilie

End of Summer 2003

man, this was a crazy summer. this summer concluded my first full year since leaving home...its definately a sad thought...but i think i've made the best of it.

this summer was all about trying new things. back home its typically the same 'ol same 'ol, which is not bad at all, but now that i was here in the states i finally had the opportunity to meet new people and try new things. :bigthumbup:

the first thing i did to kick off my summer, baby!!! not only did i get to kick it with my webb homie, hayes...but i also got to meet gorgeous, sweetheart friend, isabelle. man, that was crazy. i finally was in vegas for the first time since turning 21 and it was definately cool doin' the whole vegas experience with people that are down to do anything.

after vegas, i did my little annual manly bonding trip with mark, raynell and some other guys...and where's a better place to do then the porn convention!!!

boink smilie
cough i mean Adult Entertainment Expo...yeah...

a few days after that, i was a little depressed over some girl i cruised up to santa monica to kick it with hayes & isabelle for a couple hours. next thing i know i was set to go to san diego with 'em!! down there i got to check out the beach and meet a couple cool guys, KC and...and...uhhh....fuck! i can't remember the other guys name...blame it on the shibby. but anyways, it was cool.

4th of july came after that and it was really chill. i got to kick it with a buncha webbies who i haven't seen in a while and we talked up some good times...over some shibby. :mrgreen:

oh yeah, around this time i joined a bball league with sj, joe, emil and some other guys...but man, that shit was such a flop. the league was so piss-poor at organizing, it just collapsed. we only played one game...and got blown out by 25+ points...but whatever, i blocked that one tall motherfucker!! mwahahahahaaha

oh man, the weekend after that was NorCal, baby!!! man was there a lot of drinking that weekend. i'll always remember (although a very blurry, drunken memory) playing king's at isabelle's place with cathy, soren, meagan, stan, bas & hayes. good times!!

the weekend after that was a really chill one. finally got together with hayes, stan & jose and we visited our fallen homie, walter cooley. first went to his place to reminisce with his parents...and i finally figured out why he died -- liver cancer. i teared up a bit...but it was good having some of the homies around again.

ahhh yes, and now onto the infamous week in of those nights was the strip club drunk...and then ria's hella drunk and i discovered that i can break dance....and then the house party at cathy's place...with beer, that was crazy. i beat meagan 4 times in beer pong....

owned smilie
....sorry, just had to throw that one in there....anyways, my liver was hurtin' after those back-to-back-to-back nights of hardcore drinkin....but man, it was soooooooo worth it.

there was also this one night when john IMed me out of nowhere and told me that sean got FUCKED UP in a freak bike accident. i'll never forget that night...

shortly after that was alan's 21st birthday. the night was kind of a bust, however, because my dumb ass forgot to bring dress shoes to the of course, we couldn't get in. it was all good though, because i came back the weekend after....and that weekend was when phoebe & james were in town. the highlight of the weekend was...well....getting trashed...and then checkin out Studio 54. phoebe...uhh...kinda almost passed out so the night was cut a bit shorter than it was supposed to. oh yeah, that night i was feelin' like a i decided to throw $60 on black at the roulette....and...well...i was broke after that.

bigcry smilie

aight, so later that month was rose's cotilon (sp?) which is also known as the-18th-birthday-of-a-girl-and-she-makes-her-debut-into-society-as-a-woman-and-gets-a-shit-load-of-birthday-money. i didn't drink that night...liver was just rejecting the alcohol...but boy, did rose ever drink....

puke smilie

the weekend after that was probably the best possible way to end the summer....a udh reunion. it was just awesome having a bunch of the crew chillin at my place. i was glad that the whole mike-sierra-cathy thing worked out just fine too. :bigthumbup:

man, this was a crazy summer. all the babble that i wrote above doesn't even include all the endless nights i spent just kickin it with the webbies...and the nights i crashed at john/chin/sean's place...and even little things like talking to april online...all of these things made my day, everyday this summer.

dno't get me wrong though, i dearly miss the summer days in saudi. but this summer was really great. i went new places, met new faces, did new things with some old friends...the fun never ended. and when i wasn't hangin out or drinkin, i was workin my ass off on my and my other sites (oh and btw i finally broke 1,000 members on my JBB

headbang smilie
). i didn't waste a single bit of my summer.

so yeah, summer's ended and tomorrow morning i'm headed back to cal poly. i'm not sad at all though...i'm stoked more than anything. i get to see the rest of the cal poly crew again...start playin' some bball for PE...take some really cool classes on shit that actually interests me...its gonna be a fun year.

anyways, i gotta go and start getting my shit packed...looks like its gonna be a loooooong night of shitpacking for me tonight...hahaha

you get what i mean? shit packed?


shit packed like butt sex!!! hahahahaha