Convo: Nice & Slow

bkeeeezy: i wanted to feel like an asshole for once in my life
jecjec_: i love your little piece of hair across your head
bkeeeezy: that felt good
krismark: LOL
heyitsloris: aww bryan.
krismark: right bryan?
itsjamilerr: LOL
krismark: thats what I went through 10 minutes ago
krismark: I kicked like 5 people out
jecjec_: OKAY
jecjec_: SING
jecjec_: NICE AND SLOW
jecjec_: NOW
jecjec_: NOW
jecjec_: NOW!
jecjec_: OMGSH STFU
jecjec_: JUST SING
jecjec_: NICE AND SLOW
krismark: wow
briceorbryce: whoa jec jec...hey...and darn it froze
melmyfinger: NICE AND SLOW, DAMNIT
melmyfinger: SET THE MOOD, DAMNIT
krismark: ANGRY AND FAST
oh_itsLJ: lol
melmyfinger: hahaahahahaahhahaahahaa
melmyfinger: hahahahaha angry and fast
oh_itsLJ: kris LMAO
heyitsloris: fricking kris
heyitsloris: get out
heyitsloris: LOL**

lOrangutan: *buys krismark a blow up doll.
krismark: ...
hazelb: hahaha
lOrangutan: lmao
krismark: -pops the blowup doll
JaniceXP: lol.
lOrangutan: LMAO
hazelb: hahahaha wth kris~
jecjec_: wtf is goin on????
melmyfinger: hahahahaahahahahaha
hazelb: y u gonna pop it

My New Family

// I'm way behind on this post so I'm gonna have to keep make this the extremely abridged version...

For the past couple weeks I've kicked it with a ton of friends from BlogTV. As far as I know, BlogTV started to pick up a little over a month ago. And since then, we've all grown pretty close.

It's a little interesting meeting people from the internet. For each person you meet, you gotta remember three things: a face, a screenname and a real name. But since you've already been talking, you kinda already know the person.

So yeah, a couple Fridays ago I went to a local It's A Grind for the weekly open mic night and bumped into some familiar faces/screennames. We chilled then migrated to In-N-Out for an amazing jam session.

That Saturday was Oktoberfest, which was a festival hosted by my church. The church is predominately filipino so the festival always brings in popular filipino musicians and performers. This year was Gabe, Leejay and Passion (You gotta check out this video of 'em rehearsing).

I've been surrounded by some good musicians all my life...but never quite like this. We had:

My favorite songs from that weekend:

  • Wait Another Minute by Hi-Five
  • How Deep is Your Love by The Bee Gees
  • My Kinda Girl by Brian McKnight, Justin Timberlake
  • Do You Remember by Boyz II Men
  • This Christmas by Joe
  • The Growing Pains (Theme)

Oh, one thing that is really awkward is when people are totally not what you expect in real life... I got a taste of that before the weekend when Katzy discovered that I was a dude, not a chick.

And it didn't end there...

melmyfinger: btw, after meeting up with a bunch of blogtv people last night...i wanna make it clear that i am a DUDE, not a chick
heyitsloris: LOL i tripped out when i met up with people too
krismark: LOL mel
melmyfinger: apparently everyone thinks i'm a girl
thatsajudy: oh really mel? i thought you were a girl
melmyfinger: HAHAHAHAHAAH
krismark: HAHAHHAAH
melmyfinger: damnit!!!
heyitsloris: HAHA
krismark: LOL
JuJuBeanz: lol
hollisterloser: same thing for me... ):
melmyfinger: judy, you're like the 15th person!
krismark: melissa my finger
JuJuBeanz: melony
darrelld23: or melissa
krismark: LOL
melmyfinger: DAMNIT
heyitsloris: AHHAHAH wtf kris!

The ongoing tally of who thinks "melmyfinger" is a guy or not:

  • Mel is a Guy -- BK, Chrstine, Melissa, Raelynne, Randolph.
  • Mel is a Girl -- Adoboy, Adriee, Alerissa, Cathy, Doowop, Jackielyn, Janice, JecJec, Jeremy, JR, Judy, Hazel, Katzy, Nessa, Rich, and many many more...

In closing, I'll leave you with my buddy, Jeremy, singing "Melissa" outside of Albertacos.

Peace, Love and BlogTV.

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Convo: melmyfinger, you're a guy??

While JR Aquino was singing to some 'NSync:

melmyfinger: touches jr's earlobe
reyesc90: bakit pa ba
reyesc90: hahah
gotkatzy: hahahhaa
XoXoKimberlyMarieXoXo: lol
gotkatzy: awww this song....
ahhhhhhhhhhhhh: yesss i love bakit pa ba
ahhhhhhhhhhhhh: and di ko sa dya
melmyfinger: brushes thumb across lips
ahhhhhhhhhhhhh: O_O
gotkatzy: dang melissa
gotkatzy: LOL!!!
ahhhhhhhhhhhhh: lol
XoXoKimberlyMarieXoXo: lol
melmyfinger: melissa?
Mquerol: haha
gotkatzy: waittt
melmyfinger: i'm a dude, dude
gotkatzy: mel
gotkatzy: whateve
melmyfinger: hahahaha
gotkatzy: lol im sleepy
Mquerol: is it jsut mel?
XoXoKimberlyMarieXoXo: lol
melmyfinger: mel
melmyfinger: yeah
RyanX7: haha
fallenxANGEL: lol
Mquerol: k
gotkatzy: there u go
melmyfinger: i has a weiner
gotkatzy: mel
reyesc90: do u remember their song with babyface
Mquerol: haha mel
gotkatzy: hahaha
ahhhhhhhhhhhhh: wowwwww