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And just when I thought BlogTV was too addicting.

We've been on this thing forover a month now...and it's been fuuuuun! We started on BlogTV with one or two people broadcasting at a time...but with Tokbox, you can see everyone broadcasting. Up to 30ish people.

I never really broadcasted on BlogTV because I didn't want to deal with the pressure of entertaining people. But with Tokbox, you're really just hangin' out.

It's easy to forget that at any given moment I could be talking to people from SoCal, NorCal, Chicago, Texas, New York, Toronto, Ontario, Sweden, etc.

We've been doing this so much, it's no surprise when we all end up passing out.

So we all get to know each other online. And then we all meet up offline in real life.

Good times. :biggrin:

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Convo: What is FYS?

krismark: AT NINAS
itstoofragile212: HHAHAHA
krismark: 8PM
jecjec_: who's not going to fys?
itstoofragile212: KRIS
krismark: SATURDAY
itstoofragile212: HAHAHAHAHA
iCanShowYouTheWorld: =/
9natran: SURE
9natran: BUT
Adoboy: reading the wrong person?
iCanShowYouTheWorld: dont talk about fys
iCanShowYouTheWorld: -.
9natran: EVERYONE
itstoofragile212: HAHAHAHA
9natran: SATURDAY
melmyfinger: girlfriend, get on aim
iCanShowYouTheWorld: T_T
WonTonDJ: Hahah
krismark: SUNDAY
9natran: 1/3
krismark: 2/3
krismark: 4/5
Adoboy: Dew da dansing?
SLIMBEATS_steve: wtf is fys lol
itstoofragile212: WELLL WHERE ARE WE GOIN
ram_ree: wow, really?
ram_ree: lol
jecjec_: fys fuck your sister
SLIMBEATS_steve: lol
jecjec_: everyone does it
ram_ree: lol
SLIMBEATS_steve: lmao wow
melmyfinger: who's going to fuck your sister???
X3KazumiX3: Hey Van
Kinh4theNguyen: dang jec
melmyfinger: me!!
SLIMBEATS_steve: i dont have a sister can i borrow yours
krismark: ROFL MEL
itstoofragile212: jec NICE ONE
Kinh4theNguyen: i don have a sister
melmyfinger: hahahahaha
ghostryderx: thats creppy jec jec
Kinh4theNguyen: :[
Kinh4theNguyen: can it be you instead?
Kinh4theNguyen: FYJ?
Kinh4theNguyen: fuck your jecjec?
krismark: fuckyourjec!
itstoofragile212: hahahhaha
itstoofragile212: HAHAHAHHA
SLIMBEATS_steve: lol kinh
Kinh4theNguyen: im going to FYJ!
Kinh4theNguyen: yes
krismark: FYJ IS SOLD. OUT.
itstoofragile212: SLAP IN DA FACE
itstoofragile212: hhaha
itstoofragile212: HAHAHAHHA
itstoofragile212: WOW
SLIMBEATS_steve: lol damn i wanted to buy a ticket too
SLIMBEATS_steve: lol
itstoofragile212: kris WOW
itstoofragile212: jec jec awwwwwwwwwwww
Kinh4theNguyen: FYJ is one person per time limited
krismark: ROFL
SLIMBEATS_steve: i heard tickets were free?
itstoofragile212: oooooooh DANG
9natran: LOL
SLIMBEATS_steve: damn
melmyfinger: tickets will be available at the door
SvenSign: i think thats it
krismark: ROFL MEL
SLIMBEATS_steve: lol oh damn jec jec..laying down the law

Murder/Marry/Make Out With

ham99994: HAHAHA
9natran: makeout: cp
9natran: murder: kris
9natran: LOL
n1kk117: lol
9natran: hahahaha
ham99994: awww 9na ur so cute
ham99994: HAHAHAHAHa
janne: haha mel
ham99994: thats so awesome
janne: im an idiot
9natran: i <3 kris
9natran: but i'd kill him anyday
melmyfinger: hahahaahah jesss
terarc: m/m/m: vankho, krismark, gummybearsgalore
9natran: uhhh...
9natran: marry: van
jecjec_: JUDY DO THAT
9natran: makeout: andy
9natran: murder: kris
9natran: LOL
terarc: poor kris
ham99994: eoe
ham99994: wow*
9natran: hahahaha
terarc: hahaha
ham99994: i know eh?
9natran: anymore names?
9natran: LOL
9natran: hahah
terarc: hahaha
terarc: 9na's all like, "bring it!"
9natran: LOL
vankho: terarc: m/m/m... judy w/ no hair... 9na with no hair.... jess w/ no hair
terarc: jynx, judy
vankho: DO IT.
melmyfinger: ooooooh
thatsajudy: loool
terarc: hahaha
jecjec_: ooooooooooo
mauryrules: no hair?
9natran: whaat?
9natran: LOL
terarc: ok
9natran: no hair?
terarc: but after that, i gotta go man
9natran: hahahah
jecjec_: 9na with no hair, judy with no teeth, jessica with no boobs
9natran: ahahhahah
bored44-2: lol
terarc: lol jecjec
9natran: LOL
mauryrules: haha
ham99994: AHAHHAHAHAHa
ham99994: WOW
janne: fucking jec!
ham99994: LNMAO!!!!
jecjec_: DO IT

Thigh Five!!

THIGH FIVE -- a new celebratory gesture between two people, each somehow slapping their inner thighs together. Theorized Monday afternoon by Kris Mark and Norm.

melmyfinger: THIGH FIVE
krismark: THIGH FIVE
ham99994: you guys
heyitsloris: omg ew?!
heyitsloris: LOL
ham99994: you guys are so funny
krismark: its like a pelvic thrust
ham99994: omg i cant sleep
heyitsloris: HAHAHAhAHA
krismark: but a very high pelvic thrust
LihingmuiMochi: lol
krismark: like,
krismark: you have to get air.
melmyfinger: a very high, manly pelvic thrust
krismark: quite so mel
krismark: quite so.
heyitsloris: hawt stuff.
ham99994: LOL
melmyfinger: hahahaahhaha
krismark: LOL
heyitsloris: LOLL
n1kk117: lol
ham99994: hahahhaha
krismark: according to johnjohn
ham99994: you guys are too much
krismark: "its not gay unless the balls touch"
ham99994: LOL LOL
melmyfinger: hahahaha dude!!!!
melmyfinger: i was thinkin the same thing!!!!
krismark: LOL
krismark: I love oyu mel
heyitsloris: HAHAHHAHA
krismark: you
ham99994: me too
ham99994: hes so awesoem
krismark: -double thigh five
melmyfinger: HAHAHA double thigh five
krismark: thats a full on
krismark: yeah
heyitsloris: wow thats so intense
n1kk117: haha
krismark: LOL
krismark: thumbs
krismark: LMAO
heyitsloris: LOLLLL
krismark: judy's throwin up the biiirdddd
ham99994: LOL
heyitsloris: HAHAHAHAHA
krismark: LOLOLOL
ham99994: HAHAHAHHA
melmyfinger: dude, if you do double thigh five, something is bound to touch
krismark: LMAO
ham99994: AGAHAHA
heyitsloris: HAHAHAHHAAHAH
krismark: HHAHAHAHA
ham99994: HAHAHAHAHAHa

This Year I'm Thankful For...

I have a ton of things to be thankful for these past few months. Lemme start from the beginning...I'm thankful that:

  • a couple years ago, Meliss showed me some random vids of Gabe Bondoc, her YouTube Idol.
  • back in July, I did a spontaneous weekend trip to San Diego after our plans for a beach day in Huntington fell through.
  • back in August, Meliss showed me her favorite rendition of Getting Stronger performed by Cathy Nguyen and Randolph Permejo.
  • Meliss flaked on some guy last minute one Saturday night in September so we could eat at The Boat instead.
  • Meliss recognized Cathy and I recognized Gabe eating a few tables down from us that same night.
  • I added Cathy on Myspace on couple days later.
  • Cathy posted a bulletin on Myspace about broadcasting live on this new thing called
  • a few days later, Jeremy "Passion" Manongdo was in Gabe's channel and took over when Gabe stopped broadcasting.
  • That same night, Jeremy co-hosted Nessa, who is an amazing & beautiful talent. She invited everyone to see her perform at an It's A Grind coffee shop (IAG) in my area.
  • I logged onto BlogTV during a slow day at the office and started chatting with bkeeeezy (Bryan Keith).
  • Chris P. rolled with me to the USC Mabuhay performances where I bumped into and chilled with Bryan Keith & Cathy. If Chris hadn't rolled with me, I wouldn't have gone.
  • I met a bunch of BlogTV people at IAG and In-N-Out the Friday after, including Adoboy, Janice, JecJec, Katzy, Kinh, Nessa, Nicole, Nina, Richard.
  • I met even more people at Oktoberfest the next night and I got to introduce Meliss to BK and everyone.

The thing I'm most thankful for is how all the stuff mentioned above is just the beginning. Since Oktoberfest, there's been a bunch more things to be thankful for like:

  • Halloween at Adoboy's
  • Watching Emily Rose at BK's
  • BK's Birthday Surprise at The Getty Museum
  • the Expressions of Faith show
  • the FAMS show...and how people came in from NorCal, SD, Chicago and even Alaska!
  • Barkada Got Talent at Cal Poly
  • Jam Sessions at In-N-Out
  • Korean BBQ runs
  • "Skype Orgies"
  • everyone saying "goodnight" and then 30 mins later everyone is back online again. :rofl:

This list keeps going on and on...

And just to think, all this madness just started at the end of September! I've met more people in the past 2-3 months than I met all of last year. Just this morning I was rewatching that video of Jeremy co-hosting Nessa and it trips me out seeing all these names in there that I didn't know back then but I know so well now.

So much has happened since that recording, it feels like that was several month ago! It just goes to show how much can happen in just 30 days, and how even the smallest, most trivial things -- like Meliss flaking out on that one guy that one night -- can have such a profound affect on a person's life later on.

I'm lovin' every bit of it.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Much love to my BTVfam: (in order of when I added them as friends)

  • gabebondoc
  • lilcdawg
  • ron_palustre
  • nessarica
  • listen2passion
  • tl2eesa
  • 0summerbreeze0
  • randolphpermejo
  • ajRAF
  • yourstruly_melissa
  • raelynnerosales
  • johnsy204
  • elwoodespiritu
  • UrbanGermany
  • krismark
  • Reii
  • bkeeeezy
  • Adoboy
  • HuskyboyDrew
  • JaniceXP
  • heyyclifford
  • gotkatzy
  • hazelb
  • cynthiaroseyoung
  • FranklinGervacio
  • itstoofragile
  • Mquerol
  • TPM_Music
  • dj_keeno
  • RTran
  • thatsajudy
  • adrieee
  • Jackielyn
  • genethis
  • heyitsloris
  • iknowrenato
  • kl0v3
  • ajiiizzzle
  • Kinh4theNguyen
  • akachrisTOPS
  • 9natran
  • alerissasasa
  • elyag
  • lOrangutan
  • Infamiz
  • fallenxANGEL
  • jecjec
  • JPElchico
  • ChristineL
  • Nivette
  • Jonjcp
  • JayMarquez
  • r0ckingreen
  • n1kk117
  • stanisms
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  • LovAL
  • natlielatanuy
  • filpgal77
  • JanelleDoes
  • GummyBearsGalore
  • chaaaany
  • itsjamilerr
  • janne
  • Jaqqtmolina
  • blinktwice4y
  • JstNDuN
  • mr_lalepa
  • anthorny
  • philchao
  • stephbaloy
  • njthepenguin


I love my fans

You are invited to co-host this show

hazelb: lol khaing
JayMarquez: MEL!!
adrieee: khaing hah!
kl0v3: EL
KAme88: Mellllll
adrieee: MEL!!!!!
kl0v3: MEL
hollykinns: hey mel!!!
kl0v3: SEXY
hazelb: smelly!!!
ron_palustre: wdup MEL!!
kl0v3: WHOOOOO
JayMarquez: SUP deep ass voice
adrieee: hahah
ron_palustre: hahah
hollykinns: LOL
JayMarquez: HAHAHAH
LovAL: MELLLLL what uuppp!
kl0v3: TAKE IT OFF
JayMarquez: MEEELL!!!
kl0v3: YEA
hazelb: hahaha
hollykinns: jayyy lol
kl0v3: WHOOO
DUH_MEL: haha gosh two mel's
hazelb: TEDDY BEAR!
kl0v3: BRONCO
KAme88: mel's smexy
JayMarquez: MELs da bomb yo
hazelb: TEDDY..
hazelb: teddy bear O_O
ron_palustre: mel gave me a man hug
ron_palustre: and i liked it
hazelb: hahaha norms 26 too
KAme88: lol
LovAL: mel touch my hand
hazelb: SINXJAEs 27
hollykinns: lol
kl0v3: YAY FOR OVER 21
LovAL: touched*
kl0v3: WHOOT
JayMarquez: 21!!!
KAme88: omgosh im having lagg brb
JayMarquez: Yay!!
hazelb: jay, iu suck
hollykinns: did every1 cohost?
LovAL: damn i havent even hit my 20s yet
hollykinns: lol

You are no longer a co-host

9natran: 9
hollykinns: cya mellll
hazelb: oldie
hazelb: lmao