Thoughts on BTVfam & FAP2.0

There's been a lot of talk recently about what exactly BTVfam is and what The Featured Acoustic Playlist (FAP) is about. As a BTVfam member that has been there from the very beginning (without a single hiatus) and one of the organizers of FAP, I've heard it all.

In hopes of clarifying who we are, what we're about, and elaborating on what was posted on the BTVfam Tumblr, I want to share my thoughts on everything.

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Raelynne Rosales

The first time I saw you was when you randomly cohosted from IAG on Randolph's show. The first thing I thought was, "This girl looks too young." hahahahaah. But then the second thing I thought was, "Damn, this girl has an amazing smile and an addictive laugh."

There was a moment at FYS, you were rocking out on stage. You looked at my direction, smiled and pointed towards me. To this day I wasn't sure if that was meant for me cuz I was standing next to Karol and some others. My heart melted anyway. And then I realized you were singing "No Scrubs." So even if you were pointing at me, technically it was a diss, hahaahahah.

I was hella sad when you went all MIA cuz you lost internet at home...I felt so disconnected from you, even though we lived hella close to each other, hahah. I love thinking back to that one day Phil was bcasting bodyrollers, and I hella recruited you to come back and cohost. You haven't gotten off blogTV since. =]

I'm always gonna have a soft spot in my heart for you, Rae. You were the first girl on blog that I felt a legit connection with. You helped me break down that wall of internet friends and real friends. My life has been soo much better since then and a lot of it started with you.

BTVfam wouldn't be the same without you.


"Rae, when was the last time you body rolled on webcam?"

Monday, April 27, 2009:

8:06:30 PM melmyfinger: raaaaae
8:06:34 PM raelynnerosales: hii
8:06:40 PM melmyfinger: hey girl heyyy
8:06:48 PM melmyfinger: can i ask you of a favor?
8:06:58 PM melmyfinger: ...when was the last time you body rolled on webcam
8:07:02 PM raelynnerosales: hahahahah
8:07:04 PM raelynnerosales: uhh
8:07:09 PM raelynnerosales: never?
8:07:12 PM raelynnerosales: maybe on zabrina
8:07:14 PM melmyfinger: today is your lucky day
8:07:16 PM raelynnerosales: hahah
8:07:17 PM raelynnerosales: why
8:07:20 PM melmyfinger: hahahahaha on zabrina
8:07:25 PM raelynnerosales: hahah yupp
8:07:27 PM raelynnerosales: lol
8:07:34 PM melmyfinger: we're doing a body roll showdown on blog right now