Serts' Facial Skin Care

WonTonDJ: lol serts, just wash yo face and drink alot of water
dj_serts: ahhhhh
WonTonDJ: and apply jizz
dj_serts: thats y i have a lot of acne
WonTonDJ: joke lanngg
dj_serts: i dont drink water
dj_serts: HAHAHA
veronicaty: pro active didnt work for my dad lol
dj_serts: i dont wash my face
veronicaty: but it worked for my cousin
dj_serts: i just jizz all over my face
kimmy0104: proactiv is too strong for me
melmyfinger: HAHAHAHA SERTS
melmyfinger: HAHAHAHAHA
melmyfinger: HAHAHA
dj_serts: made it bad
rheart: proactives sucks
dj_serts: HAHAHAHA
WonTonDJ: Great source of facial protien
melmyfinger: serts, do you peel it off then when it dries?
veronicaty: lol
melmyfinger: like a face mask!
rheart: lol
melmyfinger: HAHAH
KevinLien: peel?
veronicaty: omg mel!
veronicaty: lol
dj_serts: LMFAOOOOO
kimmy0104: ROFLMAO!
kimmy0104: sert
dj_serts: face mask
kimmy0104: LOLLL
dj_serts: WTF
dj_serts: like elmers glue bro
kimmy0104: WOW mel ROFLMAO
veronicaty: omg serts
melmyfinger: make sure you get that T-zone, serts
xo_ginalove: ............
veronicaty: lol
melmyfinger: hahahahaahahaha
veronicaty: !
veronicaty: wow

Vicki doesn't like secrets.

6:34:10 vickiilee: WHO?!
6:34:17 melmyfinger: shrug
6:34:18 melmyfinger: (;
6:34:21 vickiilee: MEL
6:34:24 vickiilee: YOU BETTER TELL ME
6:34:25 melmyfinger: i THINK
6:34:25 vickiilee: TELL ME
6:34:26 vickiilee: TELL ME
6:34:27 vickiilee: TELL ME
6:34:29 vickiilee: TELL ME
6:34:30 vickiilee: TELL ME
6:34:31 melmyfinger: nope
6:34:32 vickiilee: TELL ME
6:34:32 melmyfinger: nope
6:34:33 melmyfinger: nop
6:34:35 melmyfinger: noap
6:34:36 vickiilee: im hella annoying when i wanna be
6:34:38 vickiilee: TELL ME
6:34:39 vickiilee: TELL ME
6:34:40 vickiilee: TELL ME
6:34:41 melmyfinger: nohp
6:34:41 vickiilee: TELL ME
6:34:42 vickiilee: TELL ME
6:34:44 vickiilee: TELL ME
6:34:44 melmyfinger: HAHAHAHA
6:34:46 vickiilee: WHO IS IT
6:34:49 vickiilee: YOURE GONNA KILL ME

Why You Should Never Post Your Number in a Chatroom

@[RaelynneRosales]( i saw something protrude from your vagina today. what the hell?[kevinlien]( wthell are you talking about?! Lol[ÃœberTwitter](

What the hell is Kevin talking about? Let me take you back to the beginning...

About a month ago, Benny Luo is logging off Skype and he posts his phone number in the chat. "Everyone, just text me your name so I know which number is yours." logs off

Sorry Benny, but where's the fun in that? bwahahahahah

So instead, for the next few days, everyone from the Skype chat anonymously bombards him with dirty text messages.

As for me, I have two phone numbers (my Google Voice number which I always give out, and my non-Google number which I never use). I eventually 'fess up to Benny and tell him that the really gay texts were from me (my Google number).

But I never tell him about my non-Google number.

One night I overhear Benny on BlogTV asking Raelynne, "Hey, which one is your number?" Rae, my partner in crime, plays along and tells him, "oh, it's a 562 number." I quickly text him from my 562 non-Google number, "hey its rae lol".

"Got it, Rae! Thanks," says Benny.

Fast forward to this past week. I'm at the mall and randomly I see a mannequin that is modeling underwear. I figure "Eh, it might come in handy one day," so I take a close up shot of the crotch.

Anyways, last night, I find out that Benny is at the "Eat Drink Pink" event and he's had quite a few drinks. It was evident to me because when Gina asked him where he was, he texted back, "I don't"

I decide it is the perfect time to send him that picture...but of course, from the number that he thinks is Raelynne's.

Later that night I notice this conversation on Twitter:

@[RaelynneRosales]( i saw something protrude from your vagina today. what the hell?less than a minute ago via web

@[kevinlien]( wtheck?![ÃœberTwitter](

@[RaelynneRosales]( haha i'm serious!less than a minute ago via web

@[kevinlien]( wthell are you talking about?! Lol[ÃœberTwitter](

@[RaelynneRosales]( haha benny showed me a picture message you sent him. it was quite graphic hahaless than a minute ago via web

@[kevinlien]( hahaha ohhh from the number he thinks is my number??[ÃœberTwitter](

@[RaelynneRosales]( LOL! THAT'S SO SAD. WHAT?!less than a minute ago via web

Bwahahahahaha, mission accomplished!

And if you're wondering what the picture looked like, here it is:

The End.

Love you, Benny!


Ceelei: dajuan...why are you so quiet?
melmyfinger: dajuan's always been quiet
melmyfinger: and he doesn't really move around either
melmyfinger: he kinda just, lies there
melmyfinger: and makes you do all the work.
melmyfinger: #sexually
LionGali: sounds like brandon
Ceelei: i'm down with that
Ceelei: starfish is my favorite position
WonTonDJ: im always quiet
WonTonDJ: lolol
Ceelei: <3 dajuan
melmyfinger: its crazy
WonTonDJ: Just a quiet person.
Ceelei: i'd let you be a starfish anyday
melmyfinger: cuz there are times when you can't tell if dajuan is
melmyfinger: having an orgasm
melmyfinger: or
melmyfinger: sleeping with his eyes open.
Ceelei: can i go to bed now?
WonTonDJ: no
Ceelei: awwww
Ceelei: but dajuannnnn
melmyfinger: only if you starfish
WonTonDJ: you have to sing me and mel a lullaby and starfish
Ceelei: pftttt i never starfish....i let the guy be starfish
melmyfinger: that's my new favorite word now
melmyfinger: "starfish."
melmyfinger: hahahaha
Ceelei: lmao
melmyfinger: i used to call it "spread eagle"
Ceelei: naw man....
melmyfinger: but "starfish" is more lowkey
Ceelei: starfish
Ceelei: cause you can't move a starfish
melmyfinger: hahahahahaahah
Ceelei: they're frozen like that
Ceelei: no matter how hard they get pounded
Ceelei: ....
Ceelei: by waves
melmyfinger: HAHAHAH

Brandon, Leo's Theory on Cathy, Vietnamese Girls

2:56 PM melmyfinger: brandon, leo
2:56 PM melmyfinger: cathy texted me back
2:56 PM SoGooey: Haha
2:56 PM melmyfinger: she's actually viet from both sides
2:56 PM SoGooey: LILCDAWG?!
2:56 PM melmyfinger: but her mom is only part viet
2:56 PM Crystal: haha
2:56 PM SoGooey: That still count.
2:57 PM SoGooey: counts!
2:57 PM melmyfinger: hahahahahaah
2:57 PM SoGooey: Haha
2:57 PM SoGooey: I cant taint my image of cathy!
2:57 PM LionGali: noo
2:57 PM melmyfinger: her dad is full
2:57 PM SoGooey: the savior of the female vietnamese race
2:57 PM LionGali: shes in another group
2:57 PM melmyfinger: HAHAH
2:57 PM LionGali: a third group we didnt account for
2:57 PM melmyfinger: what group is that?
2:57 PM SoGooey: She's like Blade.
2:57 PM HalfSensed: lolol
2:57 PM melmyfinger: HAHAHAHAAHAHA
2:57 PM SoGooey: She has vampire in her
2:57 PM LionGali: 3/4 viet group
2:57 PM SoGooey: but she's not bad
2:57 PM Crystal: hahaha
2:57 PM SoGooey: cause she suppresses it
2:57 PM HalfSensed: Blade is viet?
2:58 PM SoGooey: vampires are evil, but Blades a nice vampire
2:58 PM LionGali: Blade is only viet when he starts lusting for blood