One Last Screenname Change: Bang UDH

i had to change my screenname because too many people from my justbball site were getting into my personal life...they kept inviting me into chats and checkin' out my profile and shit. and also, i'm got tired of my BaNGaRaAaNG screenname.

i've decided to change it to Bang UDH cuz its short, sweet and its a tribute to home...udhailiyah for life.

this is gonna be my last screenname change so you can go ahead and delete BaNGaRaAaNG from your buddylist now.

Personal Survey

got bored and i found this on someone else's site...

Have you ever...

  • Fallen for your best friend? nope. but there are girls that became bestfriends after i fell for them
  • Been rejected? i guess you could say i've had my fair share...
  • Been in love? i'm workin' on it
  • Been in lust? its the story of my life, man
  • Used someone? i prefer to call it "bumming off of someone"
  • Been used? yup
  • Cheated on someone? nope
  • Done something you regret? that whole icy hot experience wasn't exactly a pleasant one...

Who was the last person...

  • You touched? jp, in a manly highfive kinda way
  • You talked to? chris
  • You hugged? rose
  • You instant messaged? darwin
  • You kissed? phoebe
  • You yelled at? rose
  • You laughed with? jp & chin

Have you/are you/do you...

  • Considered a life of crime? nope

  • Considered being a hooker? your mother

  • Considered being a pimp? i AM a pimp. hahahahahahahahahaha.

  • Are you psycho? only when food is involved

  • Schizophrenic? uhhh

  • Obsessive? fooooooooooood

  • Obsessive compulsive? foooooooooooood

  • Anxiety? yeah, especially when i'm crushin' on a girl

  • Depressed? "it was MY california roll, damnit!!!"

  • Suicidal? i get pretty damn depressed...but i'll never take away God's gift of life to me. never.

  • Obsessed with hate? nope

  • Understanding? i try to be...sometimes i just smile and nod.

  • Open-minded? i try to be...but some things like 3/4 cut men's caprices i just can't handle.

  • Arrogant? nope

  • Insecure? sometimes

  • Interesting? nope. i'm a very dull person. haha

  • Hungry? heh always

  • Friendly? only to people i like

  • Smart? allow myself to explain...myself...uhhh

  • Moody? sometimes

  • Childish?

    moon smilie
    and sometimes perverted too

  • Independent? i like to think i am...but i'm always depending on someone else

  • Hard working? sometimes. i usually have to be in the "work mode" with Mr. Oizo's Flat Beat playing in the background.

  • Organized? yeah

  • Healthy? very. i like to eat a lot of 2 sandwiches for lunch..with cheese and extra dressing...

  • Emotionally Stable? not when it comes to love

  • Shy? not so much as i used to its only when i feel out of place

  • Difficult? to my parents

  • Attractive? uhh attractive like buddha and charles barkley

    laugh smilie

  • Bored Easily? i try to make the most of whatever situation i'm in

  • Responsible? yeah


  • Current Clothes: basketball practice jerseys, laker shirts & board shorts. hey man, its hot in herre
  • Current Mood: lonely
  • Current Taste: yakitori chicken & california rolls like 5 times a week. i can just walk in and say "the usual" haha
    biggrin smilie
  • Current Hair: i'm bald, damnit!! rub it in why don'tcha?
  • Current Annoyance: burned tongue
  • Current Smell: board shorts smell like the beach
  • Current thing you ought to be doing: designing dad's lame ass website
  • Current Desktop Picture: rachel stevens & a sweet panoramic pic of home
  • Current Favorite Group: uhh my friends. this past summer i've been introducing different groups of friends and its been a whole load of fun.
  • Current Book: books? what is books?
  • Current DVD In Player: virtual tera brother put it there, i swear!
  • Current Refreshment: water
  • Current Worry: my love life (or lack thereof)
  • Current Crush: this one girl...she's on my friendster..
  • Current Favorite Celebrity: stiffler


  • Food: hanayome sun's yakitori chicken & calfornia rolls
  • Drink: orange bang, long island iced tea
  • Colour: blue
  • Shoes: the kobe's from the first championship
  • Candy: fanfare from saudi (thanks alan)
  • Movie: recently, bruce almighty and american wedding
  • Dance:
    boink smilie
  • Vegetable: bleh
  • Fruit: samir

On Dating...

  • Long or short hair? shoulder length is juuuust right
  • Dark or light hair? don't matter
  • Tall or short? shorter
  • Mr. Sensitive or Mr. Funny? :greddy:
  • Good or bad? a girl that's cute & sweet...and naughty
  • Dark or light eyes? don't matter
  • Hat or no hat? cowgirl hats...sooooooo hot
  • Pierced or no? ears only
  • Freckles or none? none
  • Stubble or neatly shaved? hehehehe
  • Rugged outdoorsy type or sporty type? :greddy:

On preferences...

  • Chocolate milk or hot chocolate? chocolate milk...even though i'm lactose intolerant...
  • McDonalds or Burger King? niether...both a really really fuckin' fattening its not even funny
  • Marry the perfect lover or the perfect friend? someone that's both
  • Sweet or sour? shweeeeeeet
  • Root Beer or Dr. Pepper? water is good for you
  • Sappy/action/comedy/horror? comedy, like that low-budget porn shit on hbo...funny stuff
  • Cool Ranch or Nacho Cheese? ketchup
  • Mud or Jell-O wrestling? ketchup
  • With or without ice-cubes? no ice...if the drink is already cold it just wastes space!
  • Shine or rain? shine
  • Winter/Summer/Fall/Spring? winter
  • Vanilla or Chocolate? strawberry
  • Eyes open or closed? closed
  • Fly or breathe under water? FLY
  • Bunk-bed or waterbed? my OWN bed.
  • Chewing gum or hard candy? winterfresh gum
  • Motor boat or sailboat? sailboat
  • Lights on or off? off
  • Chicken or fish? chicken

What's your favourite:

  • Number? 4
  • Holiday? christmas
  • Flower?
    dunno smilie
  • Scent? fooooooooooood
  • If you could be anywhere, where would you be? the "tower" back home...its my favorite spot in the whole world
  • Can you do anything freakish with your body?
    naughty smilie
  • Do you have a favorite animal? i want a beagle

Week in NorCal

July 31st - August 7th, 2003

Day 1: Flying In

flew in with some of my into the hotel and chilled for the rest of night....pretty boring...

Day 2: The Family Arrives

all my other relatives flew in. went to the Fisherman's Wharf (a HUGE fish mart on the pier) for lunch....too bad i don't eat seafood. later that day we had the rehearsal for the wedding.

the day was pretty chill...but then when the sun went down we started the party. me, mark and my cousins raynell, russel and kim went strip clubbin. we had a few shots before we left and then when we got there we drank more and more...russ and i even smoked a nice J just outside the club...the bouncer was all "daaaaaamn that shit smells goooooood."

Day 3: The Wedding

the wedding was beautiful. it was mostly family and close this nice church and all...i actually teared up a bit...but anyways, the REAL party started back at the hotel for the wedding reception.

mark got us a round of shots....then melissa....then was pretty damn crazy getting piss drunk with all my cousins....and in front of our parents!!!

drunken mark: melissa, get your ass over here and take some shots with us!!
drunken melissa: no, i can't handle straight liqour!!
drunken mark: fine then...have some GAY liquor!!
drunken me: :D

rose has been giving me shit saying that i can't that night i started to bust out my shit....old school 80s breakdancing style.

i've always tried to do that little windmill shit...and i've only been able to do it once before i just fall over. but for some reason the alcohol made me feel like i could finally do i got out in the middle of the dance floor, cleared out everyone....and i did it!!! i did 6 windmills in a row, baby!!!! it was funny cuz when i was finished i looked up and everyone was on the first i thought it was cuz i kicked everyone but really they were just rolling on the floor laughing. i dunno how good/shitty my windmills were but i didn't care...i was drunk as shit.

Day 4: The House Party

the next day i was in pain....i bruised both of my knees, sprained my ankle, hurt my neck and my head...words of experience, don't leave your head sticking out when the elevator door closes....

i saw all of my family off to the airport and i took the train to berkeley. i was actually scared as fuck because it was my first time on a train by myself...anyways, when i get off the berkeley stop, i walk into this one asian took me a while but i realized that it was Tim Tow from webb!! such a small fuckin world. this was a kid i used to pick on at webb...he looks like a monkey...but anyway, it was still cool just bumping into a familiar face like that.

as soon as i met up with cathy, she tells me they're throwing a party. most of the day was spent on preping up the place and shit. cathy totally expected it to be a bust cuz it was a sunday night and people here still have summer school/work.

9:30 rolls around and 8 girls come in....awesome...11 girls and me. we started takin jello shots and hung around til a shitload of guys came in. once we had about 25-30 people in the house, we busted out the jungle juice and the beer pong.

i played about 5 games of beer pong...i was 4-1 baby!!! jesse davidson (went to kenya with him back in 7th grade...first time seeing him in 8 years...) and i beat the undefeated 3-0 team...then we spanked meagan & isabelle. meagan started to talk some shit so i duked it out with her one-on-one.

i won.

"i can't do it without my partner...i need my partner."

psssssssh pleeeeease woman!!! her and isabelle challenged me to one last game. i was spankin 'em pretty bad but then when it got down to the last cup, i was drunk as shit. went back and forth for a long ass time but the sausage finally came out on top and i won. awwwwww jyeaaaaaaaaah.

buncha people were playin kings outside...wish i coulda played but my liver said "no." the rest of the night for me was a big 'ol blur...but all in all, it was definately a kickass party.

Day 5: One Day of Sobriety

woke up with my body still tingling...had to yack a bit but then i was all better. didn't do too much but recover.

Day 6: Meagan's Last Night

chilled for most of the day. at night i started up the bonfire in cathy's backyard and cooked up some s'mores. eventually went out to a bar cuz it was 2-for-1 Tuesdays. my liver was still hurtin' so i didn't drink that much. we ran into some gumpy kid and he just started talking to us. it was obvious he was not from around town so we meagan and george decided to fuck with him. they started having bullshit conversations with him, saying they were from the midwest and shit (the gumpy guy was from wisconsin) so they all had a "midwest connection." had our fun with him so we ditched his ass and went to another bar.

5 mins later, the fucker finds us at the other bar and starts talking to meagan. i've never seen a girl BS as much she did that night....the guy couldn't get the hint to fuck off so we told him that meagan was a lesbien...the fucker screamed out "WHAT?!?! A LESBIEN!?!!?" and made a whole scene about it. the fucker got the point and left.

went back home and smoked a bowl...reflected on how stupid that guy was...said bye to meagan (cuz she was flying out first thing in the morning) and passed out.

Day 7: Just Chillin'

went swimmin...met up with cathy's friend christine (last time i saw her was in SD when i was drunk as fuck and i ripped the loudest fuckin fart in front of her). we watched American Wedding...which was fuckin' hilarious. oh yeah, then we ate at Mel's me a cool t-shirt that says "Mel's: The Original" on it.

late that night, isabelle called me up for a booty call. haha jk she just finished her 30 page group paper so she wanted to smoke out with me.

Mel: oh my god i'm so stoned...
Isabelle: ...shall we smoke another one?
Mel: :shock: another one??....its up to you...
Isabelle: ok, i'll pack a bigger one this time...

yeah....i was pretty gone after that....

Day 8: Bye Bye

spent the whole morning & afternoon recovering...still was stoned as fuck when i woke up. pretty much packed my shit then got on the plane back to SoCal.

all in all, this trip was fuckin' awesome. my body's still recovering from all the damage but man....everything was sooooo worth it. in 7 days, only two of 'em were sober. hopefully i'll go back up later this month for isabelle's birthday bash...

Visiting Walter

on saturday, a buncha guys went to visit our fallen homie, walter. we kicked it with his parents for a couple hours, then we went to visit his grave. this was my first time lookin' down at his gravestone...the last time i was there was at the funeral.

walter was sometimes a stubborn bastard with his little "wierd things." one thing that he firmly believe in was to not cry when someone dies. i remember back at webb, after our classmate josh kaminsky passed away, all of the homies stayed up late and talked about it. walter didn't shed one tear when josh passed away. "i don't cry because i know that when i die, i don't want you guys to be crying for me."

sorry to disappoint you bro but i cried my eyes out for ya. i cried the night that SJ called me to tell me you passed. i cried all throughout your memorial service. i cried as i walked past you for the last time just before they closed the casket. i just couldn't hold it in, man.

but this time, i remembered what you said, walter, so i did what you would've done -- i held it in.

as we stood silently looking down on his grav...i smiled. i smiled cuz all of the memories i have of him were good memories. i'm sure that we had at least one fight or something over the course of 5 years...but there were far too many good memories to outweigh any possible bad ones.

i eventually started thinkin to myself, "how will i want people to react when i pass away?" i'm sure people will cry...its just natural...but i wouldn't want people to cry everytime they visit me. if anything, i'd want people to smile. on my gravestone, instead of the typical "remembered always" mushy type stuff, i might have it so it says something stupid like, "smile if you'll sleep with me." haha. and instead of bringin flowers to my grave, i'd much rather you bring food. hell, bring a whole shit load of food and have a picnic or something. whatever it takes, all i want is to look down (or look up, depending on how bad i was :twisted: ) and see ya smiling.

anyways, i'm sure that day won't come for a very long time...i'll probably live to be 85 or something.

aight, i think i'm gonna get me a couple chili burgers. late.

San Francisco, Baby!!!

just got back from san was only for the weekend but seemed to last for so long. it was a 6 hour drive but i was thrashed the whole drive up there. :mrgreen: got there around three in the morning and just passed out at cathys.

the next day was Mel & Cathy's Day of Fun!!...well...kinda....really it ended up being Mel & Cathy's Day of Eating & Sleeping!! one huge difference between LA and berkeley is the little fuckin hole-in-the-walls restuarants all compacted into the same few blocks....and no typical fast food joints around for a couple miles. the really cool thing is everything's in walking distance...parking is so fuckin' bitchy its just so much more convenient to walk. (never thought i'd say it, but walking > driving.)

later that night we got all our friends and met up at isabelle's. it was me, cathy, her bf, megan (sp?), isabelle, hayes, stan & york. played asshole and another drinking was the one were every number means something, like 6 means "dicks" so all guys have to drink...this one time i got the card for waterfall. i was a bastard and i made everyone keep drinking until i topped off my whole drink hehehe. everyone got pissed but ooooh the price i pay to get my friends sloppy.

really, the whole party was a big fat, joyous blur....but it was fun as hell.

the next day was really chill. went with a buncha guys to get some dim sum...and then me, hayes, stan & isabelle went to this one lake to smoke up. after that, went back to her place and she made us crepes with nutella....mmmmmmmmmm. we had one more smoke after that then me, stan & york had to go.

oh yeah, earlier in the week my dad was being a bitch...."melvin, if you take your car to san francisco, i'm gonna cancel your credit card!!!" if my dad's threat involved something other than my credit card, i probably would've made a smartass remark and hung up on him....but god no!!! please don't take back my credit card!!! so instead i did the sneaky thing and tagged along with stan & york.

my mama called me when i was at SF and she was all, "where are you?"

"uuuhhhhhh i'm visiting cathy..."

"oh ok....i'm glad that you decided to not go up to san francisco...."


anyways, that was only like 1.5 days of hangin out at SF...but i'll be back in 3 weeks for my cousin's wedding...can't fuckin' wait.

4th of July, 2003

my first 4th of july from saudi went pretty damn well. drove up to stan's place and the first thing we do is down several quarter-pound hot dogs. our fellow webb homies, jose & brandon (and his gf, debra) came to join in on the sausagefest. after spending the whole afternoon smokin & catchin up, we met up at jacquie's (humongous) house to kick it with herself and marina. we all caught up on goodtimes as we raided her fridge (i was stoned)....just had a good time for a couple hours.

stan and i head back to his place...and then hayes came over so we could get shitfaced. after a couple hours of drinkin, we smoked on the roof of stan's place and smoked up a bit. we all got pretty fuckin' droned (drunk/stoned) and then decided we should play some bball. we ran a couple blocks to the elementary school and played a couple games...drunk, stoned and in the was hard as balls but it was cool.

all in all, the day was really chill...but it was fun drinkin/smokin/eatin/catchin up on goodtimes.

Wow, I am so proud of myself...

wow, i am so proud of myself. my brother, michael, offered to treat me out to Tommy's for a midnight long as i went and picked it up for him. (to all you non-westcoast people, Tommy's is a burger joint that serves all of their cheeseburgers with a whole fuck load of greasy chili....its so fuckin' greasy...its so fuckin' good) anyways, when i got to the drive-thru, i remembered all of the time's that isabelle got mad at me for pigging out...i got the image of her disappointed face saying "eww, mel!!!" burned into my this time...i refused to order anything for myself!!

i'm so fuckin' proud of myself!!

here was the perfect opportunity for me to order a greasebomb...and my brother was paying for it...and i could smell the burgers as i approached the drive-thru...and i said no!!! i can't believe i did it!! i actually said, "no!!". i've lost 10 lbs so far in the past 2 weeks...and i'm still going strong...and i owe it all to isabelle. thanks isabelle!!! you rock!! :bigthumbup:

San Diego w Hayes, Isabelle

fuuuuuck, just got back from san diego and i am spent. late late monday night i was a little depressed/pissed-off cuz of a couple things that happened that day, so i called up hayes to check up on what he was doing....he was waiting on isabelle and sasha to come back home from the Mack 10 featuring Ice Cube music video, "Lights Out." just wait for when this video comes out....its filled with bootyshakin' black chicks with big 'ol fake boobs and then 2 cute white girls...

anyways, i had to get my mind off things so i drove up to santa monica for a couple hours just to chill. i find out that hayes and isabelle are goin' to SD for a couple days and they invite me to come along....basically, on the spot i decide to go.

the next day they picked me up and we head down to SD. hayes used my little portable dinner table to roll some shit while i drove...and we smoked it. we meet up with isabelle's friend, casey, who is a stereotypical SD beach boy with long hair and says "gnarly" all the time...anyways, he takes us to the beach. we go swimmin' for a bit, check out the pier, and then we walked the shoreline for a long ass time so we could watch the sunset. the whole day was spent checkin' out all the "gnarly" places along the beach.

oh yeah, casey also has this thing for mexican basically in 2 days all we ate was mexican food. he introduced me to the California Burrito, which is carne asada with guacamole, sour cream and some other yummy, greasy shit....dat was guuuuuuuuuuud.

later that night, we spent the night at ted's (isabelle's friend from berkeley) groovy place at El Cajon...really awesome house in a beautiful neighborhood...this house seriously has the biggest fucking backyard i have ever seen...has a walkway that leads to a swimming pool, and if you walk further he has a trampoline....and he STILL has more space. to all of you saudi people, its about the size of alan's backyard times 4. anyways, we smoke that night and we eventually pass out.

the next day, hayes, isabelle and i check out the san diego zoo...normally that'd be somethin' that i'd never do...but fuck it, i've never been to a zoo before. oh yeah, we were checking out the gorilla's and there was this one huge gorilla that took a big 'ol shit....picked it out of his ass and threw it at another gorilla. hahahahahahahaa that was basically the highlight of my zoo experience. there was also this one orangutan that was rolling on its side...and as it rolled it was peeing all over the fucking place. hahahaha that was the other highlight.

after the zoo, we checked out the rest of downtown san diego to hit up the museums and shit....we also stopped by Old Town, which is sooooo fucking old. remember what Back to the Future III looked like? yeah, this place was straight up wild wild west. we hung around there for a while and then we headed back to my place.

all in all, san diego was a really really chill trip which i didn't plan on going on until the last minute...but it was just what i needed to get my mind off some things.

Porn Convention!!

Saturday, June 21, 2003

yesterday i went to porn convention. daaaaamn. me, mark, raynell, eric and joey were all there for 5 how time flies when you're surrounded by pornstars. there was this booth that i checked out that was selling sex toys...and the lady was trying to demonstrate some shit to me...

Mel: hey, what's this? (i pick up some hard spongy ball thing)

Lady: that is a waterproof vibrator...

Lady: (picks it up and turns it on)

Lady: this is really good when you have sex in the shower...for example when you do your girl doggystyle, you can put it on her clit while you do her from behind...

Mel: ahh ok

Lady: or if you're gay, you can do it like...

Mel: (interrupts) NO. i'm straight.

Lady: oh, ok

Mel: whoa, is that a fake pussy?

Lady: yes it is!! check this out!! (picks it up and lubes up the insides)

Lady: this thing is great!!

Lady: stick you finger in it!!

Mel: nah...really...its ok....

Lady: no no no, come on, just try it

Mel: nah....

Lady: DO IT!!!

Mel: fine!!!

Mel: ...

Lady: doesn't that feel like a real pussy? like a really tight one?

Mel: (thinking to myself how gross this is) uhhhh yeah

Mel: ...can you pass me a tissue, please??

so anyways, when i was there i also caught up with augustus and gave him the grand tour. there were a buncha pornstars this year, including tera patrick, brittanny andrews, brianna banks, dyanna lauren, serenity, ron jeremy and a whole lot more. i'll post up the pics as soon as i can.