How I Spent My Year 2009

I don't expect you guys to read all of this...but I hope you take the time to answer this survey yourselves just to reflect on the past year. If you do this, answer truthfully and with meaningful answers that you can look back on several years from now; it's amazing to look back on how you've grown.

This is my 7th straight year of doing this, and it's an absolute TRIP looking back and my old posts. Anyways, here it is.

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New Hotness:

And just when I thought BlogTV was too addicting.

We've been on this thing forover a month now...and it's been fuuuuun! We started on BlogTV with one or two people broadcasting at a time...but with Tokbox, you can see everyone broadcasting. Up to 30ish people.

I never really broadcasted on BlogTV because I didn't want to deal with the pressure of entertaining people. But with Tokbox, you're really just hangin' out.

It's easy to forget that at any given moment I could be talking to people from SoCal, NorCal, Chicago, Texas, New York, Toronto, Ontario, Sweden, etc.

We've been doing this so much, it's no surprise when we all end up passing out.

So we all get to know each other online. And then we all meet up offline in real life.

Good times. :biggrin:

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