How I Spent My Year 2009

I don't expect you guys to read all of this...but I hope you take the time to answer this survey yourselves just to reflect on the past year. If you do this, answer truthfully and with meaningful answers that you can look back on several years from now; it's amazing to look back on how you've grown.

This is my 7th straight year of doing this, and it's an absolute TRIP looking back and my old posts. Anyways, here it is.

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Thoughts on FAP'09

So this is how it feels. The greatest feeling of accomplishment in my life. I've never done ANYTHING like this before...but after months of driving to San Diego, TokBox meetings, promoting, hair-pulling hair-receding stress...everything fell into place.

And it was EPIC.

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Convo: How is Vagina?

JanNYC: how's virginia
Rexicah: vagina
joyy820: vagina is boring
Rexicah: LOL
kuya: haha
JanNYC: i can't remember if u're the same joyy that phil and fred was talkin about at the apple store
joyy820: LMAO
joyy820: yes
joyy820: thats me
joyy820: : )
JanNYC: there we goo
JanNYC: u denied my friend request yo
joyy820: i did?
JanNYC: i know i added u before lol
joyy820: uhmmm... i always approve
JanNYC: i think i did
JanNYC: haha
melmyfinger: "vagina is boring" hahahahaahahahahahaahaha
JanNYC: well i sent u one now
ninJai: wtf are you guys talkin bout
melmyfinger: penis is where it's at!
joyy820: SHUT UP MEL
melmyfinger: hollerrrrr
joyy820: lol
kuya: haha
joyy820: LMAO**