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Christina Luna:

I just found that a new and dear friend of ours, Zoe Inciong passed away last night. I'm deeply saddened and inspired in so many ways. We've only met Zoe a few times, but her very being and strength as a 15 year old fighting Ewing Sarcoma.. is truly an inspiration.

I received an email back in September 2011 from a friend of a friend of the Inciong family, leading me to the blog entry of Zoe's mom, Maria. And in this blog, Maria mentions that Zoe is a fan of AJ Rafael and hopes to meet him one day. We finally got to make it happen in December 2011.

Since then Maria and I have kept in touch especially as Zoe's 16th birthday was coming closer and we wanted to see if AJ could visit Zoe during her trip to Disneyland from Make-A-Wish Foundation or perform for her birthday party. Scheduling wise we couldn't make it happen, until AJ called me the night before the party to tell me he was going to make it. It was an amazing moment we can't ever replace to see Zoe's reaction, and to feel the love of all of her family and friends.

Meeting Zoe is one of those things in life that really are meant to be. And even if we met her for a few moments, we are so much more honored to have met her. Zoe not only reminds us of the kind of impact music has on a person's life, but she's allowed me to take a step back and just remember the impact of human life. Many of us today have all lost someone to the battle of cancer, and I myself try to remind myself every day that one of the inspirations for working in the industry that I'm in today - is because of my best friend who passed away from Lymphoma Cancer. (Blog link)

We can find inspiration in Zoe, in all of our loved ones who have battled cancer, those who are battling it today, and most especially in the family and friends of those with them all the way.

God bless you Zoe. You've touched my heart in a way that changes and motivates me. Thank you. My prayers go out to Maria, Randy, Teo and the rest of the Inciong family. God bless you all.

How I Spent My Year 2009

I don't expect you guys to read all of this...but I hope you take the time to answer this survey yourselves just to reflect on the past year. If you do this, answer truthfully and with meaningful answers that you can look back on several years from now; it's amazing to look back on how you've grown.

This is my 7th straight year of doing this, and it's an absolute TRIP looking back and my old posts. Anyways, here it is.

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Chat: vickiilee and ajRAF

Putting vickiilee and her "date" with AJ Rafael on blast:

AlexJohn: this is not hazing
Nyhm: vajay!
ron_palustre: lol
GrizzlyBearBrandon: lol
ItsCarmellaBtch: lol; fred
Nyhm: vikkii r u or not????????
joyy820: LOL @ VAJAY
Jasminnnn: awww, shes singing to AJ
MrFujiKicker: http://www.twitter.com/VickiileeAndAJRafael Follow along their romantic journey... just saying
Nyhm: my idea
Nyhm: for vajay
GrizzlyBearBrandon: lmfao
Azness: LOL FRED
jonchaniscool: lol
jjfrombk: lol
ItsCarmellaBtch: haha oh fred
Nyhm: vayjayyyyyy
JTam7992603: good thing chuckster isnt here

Nyhm was kicked out of the room by philchao

Azness: xD
joyy820: LOL
melmyfinger: oops, i accidently tweeted something
Jasminnnn: she cant get AJ out of her mind..
ItsCarmellaBtch: lol mel!!!!!!
MrFujiKicker: ROFl
MrFujiKicker: ROFL
MrFujiKicker: ROFL
ellemishtree: LOL MEL
ellemishtree: HAHA
ryanbandong: LOL
ItsCarmellaBtch: omgshh
ron_palustre: a date huh?
Azness: i should do that too...
HalfSensed: LOL
Azness: LOL
ron_palustre: holler.
AlexJohn: lmao
jonchaniscool: EVERYONE TWEET
JTam7992603: AHAHAHAH
MrFujiKicker: @vickiilee have fun on your date with @ajrafaeI!!!!!
jonchaniscool: NAO
MrFujiKicker: ROFL
MrFujiKicker: ROFL
MrFujiKicker: Mel ROFL
jjfrombk: twitter is amazing
ellemishtree: HAHAHAHAHA MEL
ellemishtree: ROFL
ellemishtree: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
ItsCarmellaBtch: wht u tweet?
bennettoo: hahahaha
melmyfinger: twitter is the greated invention evar!!!
jonchaniscool: TIME TO TWEET